TuSimple Speeds into the Future of Trucking

TuSimple Speeds into the Future of Trucking

TuSimple has some big plans for the future. The autonomous trucking startup began its journey back in 2015 and they are now making leaps in the industry!

While the company is based out of China, TuSimple has an R&D facility in San Diego, as well as test operations located in Tucson. And the company is growing. Recently, at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), they announced that they are taking three to five autonomous trips per day. They also stated that they have customers currently on three different routes in Arizona.

And, the trips the TuSimple trucks take have two safety engineers. One of them is behind the wheel while the other monitors the data that comes in for each trip. That is a big change for the industry. As we get closer and closer to self-driving trucks, every change and technology leap is a big one. Which company will get there first?

Right now, TuSimple is not disclosing their customers. However, they did say that they currently have twelve that are contracted with them. And, they plan to expand further. Right now, they have eleven trucks operating in the US. They want to increase that number to 40 by June of this year. In addition, they will add another route from Arizona to Texas early this year.

Driving Technology

As the founder and president of TuSimple stated: “Exactly one year after debuting our prototype system at CES 2018, we’re now running up to five commercial trips a day in Arizona, expanding our fleet and moving quickly toward our goal of creating the first commercial self-driving truck.”

TuSimple is getting closer to making this happen with its use of camera-centric perception. Most autonomous vehicle companies use LiDAR to improve vehicle perception. However, LiDAR has some limitations, especially with large trucks that have to travel at high speeds. The system can detect objects and cars up to about 250 meters. According to TuSimple, they use a camera-based system which has a vision range of 1,000 meters.

As the company keeps trucking along, we’ll see how fast technology changes the industry. Will TuSimple create the first commercial self-driving truck? What will that mean for the future of the trucking industry?

A Sweet End to 2018 – Best San Diego Desserts

A Sweet End to 2018 – Best San Diego Desserts

Calling all sweet-tooths! We are saying goodbye to 2018 and taking a look back at some of the best San Diego desserts of the year. How many new restaurants did you check out this year? Not only are there great meals to be had throughout the San Diego area, there are great desserts as well. And, perhaps you want to bring that sweetness into your 2019. Check out these restaurants’ delicious creations in the upcoming weeks!

One of the best desserts is the Warm Chocolate Brownie at the Bankers Hill Bar + Restaurant. The dessert is topped with espresso-Baily’s ice cream. But, wait – there’s more. Pretzel crumbles are sprinkled on top of that. And as the chef who put this together, Tyler Nollenberger, says: “When you’re 10 years old, what’s better than a brownie and ice cream?” And his decision to add the Bailey’s? He says: “Well, that appeals to my adult side.”

Unique and Colorful

Another great, but different, dessert from this year was the Green apple cotton candy. You can find this at Pisco Rotisserie & Cevicheria. It is exactly what you expect it to be – a towering plate of green-colored cotton candy. It is fun, light, and perfect for that nostalgic hat-tip toward your childhood. And, the kids of today are sure to love it, too!

Adding to the colorful (and unique) array of San Diego desserts is the Lemon at 1500 Ocean. What is it? Literally, a lemon – the upscale restaurant wanted to showcase a fun, yet classy, dessert.  Inside the lemon is poached Meyer lemon pieces, tropical finger lime, chocolate mint, and a yuzu-spiked chocolate. That center is frozen and then coated with white chocolate, yellow coloring, and a little spray of gold dust.

Other Forbidden Fruits

Another great one to try is the Pear soufflé at Herb & Wood. While it is not always pear, the soufflé is Adrian Mendoza, the Executive Pastry Chef’s, specialty. The flavors will rotate seasonally. But, it takes a high level of skill to create the perfect souffle. As Mendoza stated: “If you underwhip, it won’t rise as high, but if you overwhip, the souffle will rise tall and then deflate within seconds. If it is whipped just right, the soufflé has a three-to-five minute window before it starts descending.” Clearly, he’s mastered the technique.

One more to add to your list? The Passionfruit butter cake at Red O. Butter – the not-so-secret ingredient to many things sweet. It is the main attraction of this one. They serve this buttery concoction with passion fruit custard, strawberries, coconut crumble, and coconut ice cream. The tanginess of the fruit tones down the sweetness of the cake, creating a perfect balance.

While there are many other restaurants and desserts that also did well this year, these are some of the best ones! So, if you want to try something sweet to ring in 2019, check out some of these best San Diego desserts. Your taste buds will thank you for it!

A Different Type of Driver: How to change your truck driving lifestyle

A Different Type of Driver: How to change your truck driving lifestyle

Truck Driver Stereotypes

Why do truck driver stereotypes exist in our society? When you’re on the road, others driving around you might see you as slow, in the way, and many times holding up traffic. When they see you stopped at a gas station, they may even expect you to crawl out of your truck with a restless attitude and a gut full of coffee and jerky. That may be a bit harsh, but sometimes, is it true? It doesn’t have to be! You change your truck driving lifestyle to improve your  health and quality of life.

Of course, not all of drivers fit this description, but the difficulties of the job can lead to unhealthy choices. There are times when you want to get to your destination as fast as possible. To do that, you might eat quick-to-buy, greasy food and hop back in the truck to make it to your stop on time. Falling into the stereotypes could lead to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Instead, try some of these tips to making alternate choices on the road.

Add Healthier Choices to your Truck Driving Lifestyle

A daily change can transform into a lifetime habit. Plan ahead! This helps you make better choices. If you can pack fresh foods and snacks with you, you won’t find the urge to stop for less healthy options.

What types of foods should you look for? It’s as simple as choosing green, natural foods instead of salty snacks or sweet sodas and candy. Essentially, plan your drive to be healthy over hasty.

Other healthy choices could include choosing to take a quick stroll rather than a long nap. Exercise is especially important for truck drivers, as you are forced into uncomfortable seated positions for many hours per day. Try stretching and doing exercises in between stops to increase blood flow and give your body movement!

Fueling your body with the right foods will fuel your energy to be a better driver. This will be better for you overall and allow you to have a better quality of life in your career. Plan ahead, make better choices, and feel the benefits in your everyday tasks. You’ll thank yourself later.  Give the people on the road a different thought of what drivers really are.

How Much You will Get from Social Security in 2019? Changes Applied

How Much You will Get from Social Security in 2019? Changes Applied

A bigger percent of 2.8 to be applied for social security recipients in 2019. Next year, the system will also be adjusted in different other ways that could have an effect on the payments you pay or get from the system. 2019 Social security changes can amaze you.

Larger payment: Starting from 2012, the 2.8% is considered the largest. The monthly benefit for retired workers is predicted to raise by $39 reaching up to $1,461. Married couples will see a total of estimated $67 increase to the average payment of $2,448 per month.

Each year these adjustments applied to keep the inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Office Workers.

Higher tax cap: The max amount of earnings subject to Social Security tax will raise by $4,500, reaching to $132,900 in the year of 2019. Employees pay 6.2% of their earning into the Social security system until their income enlarges the maximum. The 6.2% Social Security taxable ceiling rises from $128,400 to $132,900. The potential tax burden rises by $279. Workers earning more than the above-mentioned number will see some bump in their paychecks once their earnings have exceeded the maximum taxable amount.

Higher earning limits. Workers who are getting Social Security benefits and continuing to work will be able to earn $600 more than in 2019. When you turn the full retirement age, the limit increases to $46,920 in 2019, and the penalty declines to $1 withheld for every $3 excess earning.

Electronic way of cost-of-living adjustment notification: Starting from December 2018, retirees will be able to check their adjustment online. The COLA notices will be placed in the message section of my Social Security accounts. These notices will not be placed for representative payees, people with a foreign mailing address and people who pay higher Medicare premiums according to their income.

San Diego’s Best Breweries That Also Serve Good Food

San Diego’s  Best Breweries That  Also Serve Good Food

San Diego is one of the cities where you can find a good beer place in every corner. The other thing is sometimes you are looking for a brewery you can also have good food options.

Let’s find out some of the best breweries in San Diego with delicious food.

Brewer Jeff Bagby and his wife, Dande, own a brewery with a full kitchen in San Diego. The brewery operates as full-scratch, everything is made in-house, except bread and tortillas, which are sourced locally. The owner has a long career brewing beer in San Diego County.

Another brewing dining great option in San Diego is Viewpoint Brewing Company in Del Mar. The chef spent many years at Mille Fleurs in addition to Rancho Bernardo Inn and the University Club. The kitchen is the domain of Gunnar Planter, who will satisfy even the pickiest customer.

For light eaters, Absolution Brewing Company offers a separate burger section and plant-based salads.

The brewery also serves everything from a charcuterie plate to steak fries.

For families with diverse food preferences, this place will work just fine.

Carne asada fries with Europe’s most popular late night drunken Bewsnack will be served to you at Amplified Ale Work Pacific Beach location.

Some people can’t imagine their dining without sausages. If you are one of those, check out Mastiff Sausage Co. The name of the place is a hint of various sausages you can have at brunch along with a number of salads, fries, and sandwiches.

As you see it’s not difficult to find a decent brewery with decent food options in San Diego.

San Diego beats other cities when it comes to drinks. Now you know how to make your San Diego trip not only fun but tastier.


“Go Get It. This Is Your Year”: How San Diego’s Wine Professionals Reached The Peak of Their Industry?

“Go Get It. This Is Your Year”: How San Diego’s Wine Professionals Reached The Peak of Their Industry?

Osterland, the first American to achieve the title of Master Sommelier in 1973, has been the only wine professional to earn that top credentials for 45 years.

On August 31 the wine educator Lindsay Pomeroy earned a Masters of Wine. Just days after Josh Orr succeeded at the rigorous Master Sommelier exam after five previous attempts. He successfully completed the tasting portion of the three-part process along with the theory and service.

As a result of his hard work, he received a small symbol of a big triumph.

35-year-old Orr works in fine wine sales and education for the distributor. He spent the last two years tasting wines five weeks a day and studying extensively.

The complicated exam compasses three parts that the candidates have to pass over a certain time period. In the case of failure, they have to start from scratch.

‘’ There were people taking the exam for the ninth time. It’s crazy’’, Orr said.

Before the actual exam, Orr received a text of encouragement from Osterland.

‘’Go get it. This is your year’’, said Orr.

Osterland praised Orr and Pomeroy. Their Masters of Wine final required the completion of a Ph.D.-like research paper. He said both of them worked extremely hard.

Having an MS guarantees the way for any number of high-paying career opportunities. Only 272 people worldwide have followed in Osterland’s footsteps.

The whole wine word is comfortable set up in New York City. Unfortunately, there are no too many good paying jobs in the San Diego wine industry.

Orr finally got fortunate enough to buy a house in San Marcos six months ago, where he lives with his wife and 3-year-old son.

“Take it in. Enjoy it-you will be a Master Sommelier for the rest of life, you’ve got time to figure it out’’

He is proud to follow the advice of his father and father-in-law.

Why San Diego Has 20 Percent Lower Heart Attack Rate Than The Rest of The State? Study Shows

Why San Diego Has 20 Percent Lower Heart Attack Rate Than The Rest of The State? Study Shows

The organization, Be There San Diego, make huge effort to reduce heart diseases. It brings together doctors from different organizations to work together. The goal is to reduce the region’s heart attack risk.

San Diego has got good results in this regard. It’s enough to look at the numbers to see the improvement that was made recently.

The number of local heart attack hospitalizations dropped 22 percent over five years, full 14 percentage points better than the 8 percent decrease across the state. This is according to the newly published study released on Tuesday.

Health Affairs, one of the most influential medical journals, says San Diego County had 3826 fewer heart attack hospitalizations. That saved about 86 million in avoided medical costs.

The cardiovascular program director and professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Deepak Bhatt, can see the correlation between the start of the program and the drop in hospitalization. The study does not prove that Be There San Diego’s efforts caused the drop in heart attack hospitalization.

Well, one thing is undeniable. There is a double-digit gap between San Diego’s results and those of the other 57 counties in the state.

He hopes that other counties will look at the example of San Diego and will try to do the same.

The interesting thing is that even though similar programs were running in Los Angeles County, only 5 percentage point reduction was calculated. Sacramento saw 6 percentage point increase.

What brought the difference in results?

San Diego program didn’t use newly-developed medications or devices. The most effective tool implemented by the program is bringing doctors together every month to have a discussion around the table. They share specific methods they are using to get risk factors under control.

A group of 4000 residents at the highest risk of heart attack or stroke got the federal grant, which helped to hire health coaches to work one-on-one.

20 Southeast San Diego churches have taken board action in recent years to add exercise classes and preach healthy eating. Now before Sunday service, you can get your blood pressure checked out due to stations installed there.

Immigration: What Will Make a DACA Student Happy?

Immigration: What Will Make a DACA Student Happy?

When talking about DACA students getting an education, somehow, it feels sad but not now! For students who are admitting to USD School of Law, there is a scholarship for an unauthorized immigrant who came to the U.S. as children.  What can be more exciting for them?

Another thing is that Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals programs protects these immigrants from deportation, but it doesn’t give them an access to federal funding for higher education. However, the current change is on behalf of this kind of people who are in need of an advantage.

In a matter of fact, for many DACA recipients, gathering any amount of money to get a bachelors can be challenging. Don’t’ say about the graduation or professional program. In a recent survey, it is shown that over 21% said they are working on a degree beyond a bachelor’s.

Moreover, if their parents are in the United States, they are not authorized to work, meaning they are often paid low wages, which can be stressful.

Many DACA recipients use the work permits that come with the deferred action program to pay their way through school. USD School of Law scholarship is part of a university-wide program which will offer some support to these kinds of students.


What about the donation?

When the university asked donors to help start a fund for DACA Law Students, San Diego Governor stepped forward which was a big step for the program.


What are the hopes for the program?

The DACA program has an undecided future itself when talking about long-term commitments. However, the Trump Administration moved to end the program last year, fortunately, they are able to renew their permits as they are battling the court over the program’s fate.


The scholarship is available right now, are you interested? Trying it will make your life happier than before.



Missing Water Bills in San Diego: New Software Can be the Reason

Missing Water Bills in San Diego: New Software Can be the Reason

More than 2,500 San Diego water customers haven’t received a bill for months, according to the Public Utilities Department.

The announcement came a day after one of the local news contacted San Diego’s Communications Department about several customers in Allied Gardens who had not received water bills since February. Johnnie Perkins, Deputy Chief Operating Officer for the city’s Public Works Department said that they have covered and discovered that there are a number of ratepayers and customers that over the last three to six months have not received bills.

The missing bills were discovered during the city’s recent effort to re-read al water meters, according to the Perkins. It was the time when the city said crews found 10,000 broken meters and replaced them with wireless smart meters. But the bills were not generated for 2,500 of those newly placed meters.

One of the Allied Gardens homeowners, Jennifer Landers told her bill for water started not to come after her water meter was replaced back in February. She said that she called the Public Utilities Department and asked about the missing water bills. She said they told her that her water wouldn’t be shut off while the city is trying to find out what is wrong with the system.

That was months ago. And she was afraid she would pile up a large sum at the end of the year. According to her, she wanted to pay an estimated amount every 2 months just to be sure.

Per the city, customers who didn’t receive bills will be offered a “payment plan”. Also, it announced that no one will have their water shut off during this time.

The city auditor found delays in the processing of water service work orders due to the implementation of the new IAM San Diego software, in a recent audit report on water customer billing. That software is now at the center of this problem of customers not receiving water bills.

The $50 million IAM San Diego software is a program that integrates more than 30 city department applications into one system.

According to the city audit, the actions of the IAM San Diego software were not “well coordinated.”

Customers who haven’t received a water bill should call (619)515 3599 or email: sdwatersupport@sandiego.gov


Want to Find Yourself in Candy Land ? San Diego County Fair

Want to Find Yourself in Candy Land ?  San Diego County Fair

This year San Diego County Fair had 1.561.236 guests in a wonderful candy land with the theme ‘’How sweet  It Is’’ that lasted for 26 days.

People came to the fair in bright candy colors to match the theme. Vendors offered exclusive ‘’unicorn food’’: cotton candy ice cream sandwiches to colorful kettle corn.

The fair began in 1880. It brought San Diego County farmers together to share ideas, compete for the best pies and citrus fruits, as well as horse races.

No doubt that it was too much fun for attendees. It’s enough to take a look at the numbers.

San Diego International Beer Festival welcomed 6.813, The coast Wine festival-1762, and Cocktail Festival 1.539 attendees at the one-day event.

What a fair without delicious food, right?

Let’s talk about Australian Battered deep-fry Potatoes with ranch dressing or cheese sauce. Yummy!

A fair used 30.000 pounds of bacon in various forms. Just imagine a grilled pineapple soaked in 52 bottles of Fireball Whiskey.

San Diego fair also offered Big Ribs. Biggy’s Meat Market sold about 4.000 pounds of Big Ribs.

You wonder what was the most popular item at the fair this year? Candy Factory’s Unicorn Nitro Popcorn!

Good news for vegetarians. Charlie deep-fried 10.000 pounds of avocados.

The new item for this year –the Sweet Cheeks Bakery and dinner. Attendees loved Whoopee Pies, Cupcake Cones, and Salted Caramel Brownie Truffle Stacks.

A little bit about drinks at the fair. One of the most popular lemonades was the new Sour Green Apple Lemonade.

For chips lovers, Tasti Chips used 70.000 pounds of California – grown potatoes to make their famous chips.

69th Annual Livestock Auction $551.965 for 4H and FFA youth.

Come to join the San Diego County Fair to have fun and to enjoy delicious food!

Overall, is another way to celebrate agriculture and community pride.


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