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Why Trucking Is The Best Job Ever

Why Trucking Is The Best Job Ever

Many people can only see the downsides of trucking as a career. And, let’s be honest, there are many. You spend time away from home, you drive for hours and hours at a time, you might get lonely and you have to sleep in a small space.

But those who have the luck to call a truck their home and office can see the beauty that comes along with their profession. Driving a truck can be a very rewarding and thriving career. Most truckers can’t think of themselves doing any other job.

If you still have doubts about the perks of trucking, take a look at these!


The main thing that all truckers love is the road. There is nothing like the openness of nature and that infinite line of black asphalt. Besides, a road is always full of possibilities! You can discover new places, meet new people, try new foods, … The options while on the road are infinite. And when it is only you and the road, the adventure always awaits.


Most people spend 8 hours of their day staring into a screen or facing a wall in their tiny office cubicles. But not truck drivers! When you are driving, you can see the whole world through your dashboard. Plus, the everchanging landscape never gets old! Also, truck drivers get to see the stunning sunsets and the dewy dawns.


Let’s be honest, trucking won’t buy you a mansion or three yachts. Nonetheless, you can have a very nice salary if you choose to drive a truck as a career. You have so many different options and can work as an independent contractor or for a specific carrier. Whatever you choose to do, trucking will pay off, literally. You will definitely earn more the average media and will be able to lead a comfortable life. That doesn’t sound too bad, does it?


Let’s not forget that driving you only need to use your hands and your foot. So, this leaves you able to do so many intellectual things of your choosing. With all the time you spend inside that cabin, you can listen to many albums and songs. You may become an expert in music! You can also catch up on some of your pending readings. Nowadays, most novels have an audiobook version. Some even narrated by famous people. Don’t forget to check Amazon for some amazing deals. You might find The Great Gatsby read out loud by Jake Gyllenhaal.

And remember that you can also use your Bluetooth phone to call some family or friends and catch up with them as well. The options are infinite. And the choice is solely in your hands!


Freedom in a job? That might sound kind of ironic. Except because it is real if you are a truck driver! You get to create your own schedules, choose your desired vacation and drive at your own pace. If you like driving a specific time of the day (or night), you can do it! Or if you want to have a specific meal, you can get it! Do you want to explore an interesting area? You can choose that route! Honestly, driving a truck might be just about one of the jobs out there with more room for freedom. Like, ever.


Finally, but most importantly, we can’t forget the driving. If you are a trucker, you probably love to drive. And so do we! Most people try to find jobs that will allow them to do something they love. Some never achieve that goal. Meanwhile, others have to spend years doing something they don’t really like waiting to scale the ladder. Trucking is a career that allows people who love to drive or have a passion for the road, to fulfill their dream from the very first day of employment.

What do you think is the best part of trucking? Do you also love driving a truck as much as we do? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts and comments in the section below!

Parenting While On The Road

Parenting While On The Road

Parenting is never easy. It always comes with a huge responsibility to educate, love and be there for your kids. All of this can be challenging for a regular couple. But what happens when one of the parents is a truck driver and must spend weeks at a time on the road?

Parenting while leading a trucking career can get even more complicated. Since distance really has a strong impact on every relationship, it also profoundly hits your home life. So, if you want to start a family, you should definitely be aware of all the challenges you will have to face as a trucker. Sometimes, taking all the options into consideration and balancing out your priorities can be very helpful.

Some people consider being there for their children their top or unique priority. Some others prefer to try and balance a career with their home life. Both options are equally valid and perfectly respectable. But nonetheless, this is a choice you will have to make when the time comes.

If you are considering having a family while supporting them on a trucker salary, you should also be aware of the wins and loses this will bring into your home. Nothing is impossible, but this will most certainly be very difficult for everyone involved. So, think your options through before settling for a concrete path.

If you have already done so and considered that is worth giving it a try, we have created this list to try and help you manage a trucking career while parenting. Raising a child while on the road won’t be easy but remember that if you are willing to give it your 100% you could make it work!

Chose the moment

Usually, drivers start off doing OTR (Over The Road), also known as long haul. This means you will be gone from your home for several weeks at a time, sometimes even months! This is the regular way to start and you usually need to gather some experience in OTR before you can switch to a local trucking job that will keep you closer to home.

It really depends on each individual, but you should expect to spend from one to two years doing OTR before being able to opt for a local job in trucking. This is a long time if you think about the first two years of a kid’s life.

So, one of the best things you could do is to plan accordingly, so you can either pull those years before you start your family or when your kids are a little bit older. It is very important to stay as close as possible to your kids during their first years of life since they will probably mark the rest of your life-long relationship with them. You want to make sure they develop an emotional connection to you and get to know you before you spend that much time away from them.

Children grow so fast and they change so much during a short period of time. These first few years are also the hardest, and even more, if you are a first-time parent. So, if you are gone for most of this time, you should also be aware that most of the work of raising a baby will fall on your partner. This could also seriously hurt your relationship with your significant other. So, if you care about your family, make sure everyone is in in the decision process and everyone fully understands that these choices will mean long-term.

Explain your job to your kids

Secondly, it is very important to make sure your children understand what you do and why you might be absent from their lives from time to time. They need to feel that you are still there for them and that you are not leaving to scape them, but to fulfill a specific duty.

It is always a great idea to involve your kids in your career while you are at home. You can show them your truck and even take them for a ride, so they can see where their father spends that much time. It is good for them to be familiar with your profession and learn to love and understand it.

Another way to involve your kids can be by letting them help you or watch you while you clean or check on the engine of your truck. You can also show them your route on a map or tell them about the place you are going on your trip. This is a nice way for them to feel part of it and learn about US geography and cities too!

Also, feel free to gift them truck car toys so they can feel a part of that world as well. This will most certainly help create a bond and connection, and your children won’t feel left out of that very important part of your life.

Try to schedule trips around important events

Being a parent also means being with your kids during the important moments and rites of passage that they will remember forever. Being there for them when they most need you, is a must in good parenting.

So, whether it is a birthday or a soccer game, try to always schedule your trips and days away around those marked dates. If your work allows your schedules to be somewhat flexible, try to make it to all the important events in their lives. They might not remember if you weren’t there to help with homework on a Thursday, but they might never forget that you missed their 5th birthday party.

Sometimes you might not feel like it if you have just arrived home after a two-week road trip. But make sure to make that extra effort for them. It will surely pay off long-term.

Keep the parenting going even when you are away

It is important that the role of a parent is not lost while you are away. Your kids must still see you as a figure of authority and learn to follow your instructions and advice.

One way you can do this while you are on the road is to give them special tasks or chores to realize while you are away. You can give them all the specifics you want, like to have it done by a certain time or day. And you can put them in charge of anything at all. It doesn’t need to be something big or important or tough. Just remember that they will feel useful while you are gone and keep them seeing you as a parent figure.

Take into consideration your kid’s ages and level of responsibility and chose a specific task that fits both. Maybe it can be feeding the cat or helping set the table. It may be taking the trash out or tidying their bedrooms. No matter what it is, be clear about it and praise them for doing it once you get back home. They will feel proud of themselves and it will re-enforce your parent-child bond significantly.

Bring them something from wherever you go

One way of making them feel like you thought about them during your absence is to always make sure to bring them something from wherever your job took you. It doesn’t have to be something expensive or important. It can be as easy as a piece of candy, a magnet, a postcard, or a toy.

If you are feeling particularly creative don’t hesitate to choose something specific from the place you went to. Or, at least, tell them how you found it and it made you think of them. They will feel loved and thought of even in the long distances and absences.

And, who knows, they might even surprise you too with something they did or got for you while you were away, like a drawing or a macaroni ashtray. That way, they will also think of you while you are away.

Spend all the time you can with them

When you get home after a long trip, it is completely normal that you feel the need to just climb into bed and sleep for days at a time. Or maybe all you want to do is drink an ice-cold beer on your couch while watching some silly TV show.

Nonetheless, you must remember that every minute you can spend with your family will be priceless. It definitely is worth that extra effort. Maybe you won’t see it at that moment, but you will start noticing the way your family bond strengths through time.

The time your kids will be home and will want to hang out with you is only limited and it won’t last forever. It certainly won’t wait for you to retire or feel like playing and laughing. Time goes by in a blink. Soon your kids will be old, and they will be out there in the world on their own. Use the precious time you have with them to actually be with them! You might spend the next few years so tired and restless, but it will feel like a small sacrifice in comparison to the profits.

Call and talk as much as possible. And do some real talk!

Nowadays and with all the available technology, there is no excuse for you to not call and talk to your kids and family as often as you want to. So, take advantage of these new-era perks and use them to stay in touch with your family.

It is important that your children feel you present in their everyday lives, even if it’s through a phone screen. So, if you can, make sure to call them every night before they go to sleep. This way, you will get a chance to ask them about their day and they will share everything that happened that day. And you won’t lose track of what is going on in their lives: who their friends are, who has a crush on who, why the math teacher is out to get them, which team won at softball, what grade they got in their science project, etc.

It is very important that you get to know your kids, even if it is through a phone call. You need to know their likes and dislikes, their dreams and fears, just as if you were with them at home every day. So, use your call time wisely and don’t waste time with empty chit-chat. Focus on the important things, both for you and for them. That way, even if you are away, you will be an important part of their lives and be up to date in their every-day activities.  

Bring them with you when they are on vacation

Finally, and this suggestion should be taken into consideration depending on each individual’s needs, you could think about taking your kids on a trip with you. It could be a very cool experience for your children to get to experience what one of their parents does on a regular basis. They can better comprehend what it’s like for you to travel in that cabin and the way you see the world through your windshield.

This can also be a cool experience to travel with your family and take them on to discover all the amazing places, cities and landscapes this world has to offer. They will probably have a blast and come back with a million stories and experiences to tell their friends.

Remember that you should consider the length of the trip and the age of your kids before deciding on taking them on a trip with you. But, if you get everything to come together, it will surely be the trip of a lifetime and your children will never forget that amazing experience they lived thanks to their parent’s job.

What did you think of these tips? Do you drive and parent at the same time? How does it work for you? Don’t forget to share some of your tricks with your fellow truckers in the comments section.

Drivers Annoyed by New Safety Technology

Drivers Annoyed by New Safety Technology

Safety technology has gone to a whole new level. While helpful at best, many drivers still feel it to be annoying, and bothersome. Therefore, motorists are disabling systems, and avoiding purchasing new cars that have safety technology installed.

Consequently, this is a major issue for many automakers.

According to Kristin Kolodge, the executive director of driver interaction and human machine interface research, “The technology can’t come across as a nagging parent; no one wants to be continuously told they aren’t driving correctly.”

For example, on average, 23% of drivers with the lane-keeping and centering systems complain about the alerts, deeming them annoying and bothersome.

Not to mention, 61% often disable the system compared to 21% who are fine with the alerts. Also, vehicle owners who want the new safety technology features on future purchases range from 63% who find the alerts annoying to 91% who do not.

As a result, some automakers are constructing their safety technology without being overbearing. According to Kolodge, some brands are good at one feature, and weaker at another, and some are just grappling with both. Consequently, this is the reason one brand has 90% of its customers desiring lane-keeping/centering on their next vehicle, whereas another brand has just 59% of its customers saying the same thing.

A study conducted by the research team discovered that the overall satisfaction with new vehicle safety technology ranges wildly.

Along with the study, data revealed that collision protection technology scored the highest (813) among the six categories measured. Additionally, smartphone mirroring tech came in second (7890), while comfort and convenience (787) came in third. Entertainment and connectivity (782) followed. And, lastly, driving assistance (768), and navigation (744) at the fifth and sixth position.

What are your thoughts on driver safety technology? A bothersome or quite the opposite? Comment below.

Sun Protection Tips for Truck Drivers

Sun Protection Tips for Truck Drivers

Summer is here! And for truck drivers who spend long hours on the road, the sun can be brutal. Not only is the heat a problem, but the amount of sun drivers are exposed to is concerning as well.

“UV rays can damage your skin in 15 minutes,” says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Truck drivers spend a lot of time in the sun. The windows on a truck simply do not provide enough protection. Truckers are also exposed to sun rays when loading and unloading freight.

Avoiding sunlight is inevitable. But there are ways truck drivers can protect themselves. Here are some useful tips for truckers that may help lessen sun exposure, therefore preventing sun damage.

  • Wear sunscreen! It sounds like an obvious tip, but you’d be surprised by how many truckers leave home without it. There are many different types of sunscreens to choose from. However, broad spectrum or multi-spectrum protectants are your best choice.
  • Cover your skin. Hats, long-sleeved shirts, and long pants will help protect truck drivers from the sunlight. Keep as much skin covered as possible.
  • Invest in good sunglasses. Look for sunglasses that specifically block out UV rays, these are your best options. They provide the greatest protection from sun damage.
  • Be mindful of peak hours. The sun’s rays are most powerful during the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Avoid taking breaks outside during this time.
  • Screen for skin cancer regularly. Early detection is key. There are tons of free screenings across the U.S. Additionally, you should learn how to perform self-checks as well.

While there’s no way for truck drivers to avoid sunlight completely, taking necessary precautions will help reduce the impact of sun exposure. What are some other helpful tips for preventing sun damage? Comment below.

Protect Yourself from Skin Cancer While Driving

Protect Yourself from Skin Cancer While Driving

*Read more about sun protection here.

If you’re a trucker, you know there are many dangers out on the open road. Truckers always have to deal with all kinds of issues on the job. Still, one part of trucking that sometimes gets overlooked is the trucker’s health. Specifically, spending all that time out on the road can harm trucker health. This is especially true when it comes to long hours of sun exposure. You may think being inside the truck is protecting you. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Read on to learn more about how you can protect yourself from harmful UV rays while on the job.

Protection From the Sun

When you spend long hours driving, you’re more exposed to the sun than you might think. Additionally, you may never worry about protecting yourself since you don’t realize that the sun can hit you even while you’re driving. Furthermore, you may be too focused on avoiding accidents on the road to think about the problem of sun exposure.

Still, you don’t want to end up harming your health because you didn’t take sun exposure into consideration. When you drive, at least half of your body is sitting directly in the sun. This is the left side of your body, closest to the window. The truck window can only do so much to protect your skin!

Over time, the sun’s rays can cause harmful UV damage to any exposed skin it touches. Usually, this is the left arm. Additionally, the left side of the face can be affected as well.

If you don’t protect your skin over the years, you may face serious health problems in the future. Aging skin, liver spots, and even an increased risk of skin cancer are all serious risks you could face.

So, what can you do to protect yourself from skin cancer while on the road? Simply remember to cover up and wear sunscreen!

Use sunscreen even if it’s cloudy outside. Wear long-sleeve shirts even if its warm as a barrier between the sun and your skin.

Got any other tips? Post them in the comments below!

Truckers Getting an Electrified Western Stretch

Truckers Getting an Electrified Western Stretch

It looks like Washington and Oregon are joining the party. That’s right. These two states, like California, are now pursuing transport electrification.

Power providers in all three of the states will put their heads together. They will then determine a strategy for creating an electric charging infrastructure that would extend along the 1,300 miles of Interstate 5. This stretch runs between Mexico and Canada.

There are exactly nine electric utilities and two agencies that represent two dozen municipal utilities within the area sponsoring the project. Officials have labeled the project the West Coast Clean Transit Corridor Initiative. The desired end-game of the initiative is to enable the feasibility of long-haul battery electric trucks.

Officials say the I-5 is the spine of the goods movement space for these three states. Not only that, officials involved with the project, contend the I-5 stretch is responsible for air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

The study being conducted to analyze how best to execute the concept will consider things like the size of charging stations being manufactured and where the best place along the stretch is to put those stations.

Southern California Edison is one of 11 organizations participating in the study. Others involved include the Los Angeles Department of Water, Portland General Electric, and Seattle City Light.

Initiative Assessments

The initiative will make assessments of EV charging infrastructure programs. Moreover, officials will look at technology developments, as well as charging trends. Furthermore, it will examine fleet estimates for medium and heavy-duty zero emissions vehicles. Traffic flow patterns and fueling along the I-5 are also major considerations of the study.

SCE anticipates it will be able to fulfill the increased volume demands necessary to charge battery-electric long haul trucks once they are released to the public.

Katie Sloan, director of electric mobility for Southern California Edison, said, “That’s why conducting this study while the vehicles are being developed is so important. We can have that electricity ready when the vehicles are available.”

What do you guys think?

San Diego cracks down on dockless scooters and bikes

San Diego cracks down on dockless scooters and bikes

The city of San Diego is creating a designated zones on roadways for riders to park their scooters and bikes. They will place the small parking where red zones prohibit cars from parking.

The city calls these new parking spaces “corrals.” The intent is to get scooters and bikes off sidewalks, roads, and other pedestrian walkways.

Many residents complain about riders of motorized scooters. They accuse them of riding recklessly and at unsafe speeds. Residents also complain that scooters are left in front of their houses and on their lawns.

The city plans to carve out roughly 330 designated spaces across the city. The cost comes out of the current transportation budget.

San Diego estimates that there are roughly 20,000 shared bikes, e-bikes and scooters in the city. Six companies in the city offer shared scooters and bikes. This June city council will introduce several new laws aimed at regulating these companies and the use of their products.

In addition to parking corrals, Mayor Greg Block also proposed regulations for reduced speed in certain areas. He also proposed fees and permitting for scooter and bicycle companies.

Scooter advocates say that they save emissions from short car trips and provide cheap and safe transportation for those who cannot afford a vehicle.

Truck Company Fined for Transporting Hazardous Materials!

Truck Company Fined for Transporting Hazardous Materials!

Well… the news is out. A large trucking company from California just pleaded guilty to transporting a huge amount of hazardous materials. Apparently, the company transported more than 128,000 pounds of lead-contaminated battery chips.

And, these products are known to be dangerous. In fact, they can cause permanent damage to young children’s health if they somehow ingest or inhale the substance (like in contaminated dust or soil, etc.)

The company, Wiley Sanders Truck Lines, which operates within California, as long as many other states, is based out of Troy, Alabama. They made a plea agreement at the end of February, in which they admitted to three felony counts. These included them irresponsibly, and knowingly, transporting the product from a battery recycling facility in Vernon, California, to a different facility in Bakersfield, California.

The Effects

So, what happens now? Basically, a hefty fine. Wily Sanders now must pay the federal government a whopping $1.5 million penalty for the crime. And, that’s just the half of it. The company has to pay an additional $1.5 million to an environmental fund. This fund, established by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, supports residents in the areas impacted by the shipments.

Essentially, through the recycling process, the facility ended up creating a lot of hazardous waste. In the end, the product was extremely toxic. And, therefore, it posed as a threat to public health in the nearby communities. In fact, according to the prosecutors on the case, Wily Sanders knew that their trucks didn’t have enough protection to prevent the hazardous materials from leaking out of the truck.

The behavior of the company threatens the health and safety of everyone in the area – but mostly children, who are more likely to ingest lead-invested materials. While they are paying the price and hopefully the toxic materials are cleaned up… what about the traces left behind? What do you think about this hazardous materials case?

Why is Swift Leaving Leased Owner-Operators Behind?

Why is Swift Leaving Leased Owner-Operators Behind?

Swift Transportation, one of the largest carriers in the US, is reacting to the recent California Supreme Court ruling. The ruling, from April 2018, created changes in the way of leased owner-operator.

Before, leasing to owner-operators was the traditional model. But, an alternative to leasing gives loads to independents instead. Essentially, this concept is looked at as a work-around. However, the decision made by the California court set strict conditions on owner-operators. This makes it more difficult for carriers to lease to owner-operators.

Now, there’s been a lot of backlash since the decision. As a result, companies filed cases to fight the ruling. Both the Western States Trucking Association and the California Trucking Association are suing. However, companies are already feeling the impact of the decision.

For example, Swift, a branch of the Knight-Swift conglomerate, operates more than 30,000 trucks. And, nearly 5,000 of those are owner-operators. According to reports, Swift decided to end arrangements with its leased owner-operators based in California. They will do so if the owner-operators don’t meet certain conditions laid out in the ruling. In fact, they are now encouraging some of them to transition to independents.

Two of the owner-operators affected by this confirmed that they received notice from the company. Apparently, Swift informed them that they must make a decision by the beginning of March. While it is uncertain how many leased owner-operators the policy impacts, estimates show that it could be up to 20% of Swift’s owner-operators. This means about 1,000 of the 5,000 may feel the impacts.

These recent rulings created tension and difficulties in the trucking industry. This impacts many independent contractor relationships throughout the state of California. What do you think of the ruling? Do you think the federal court will overrule the new laws for leased owner-operators?

TuSimple Speeds into the Future of Trucking

TuSimple Speeds into the Future of Trucking

TuSimple has some big plans for the future. The autonomous trucking startup began its journey back in 2015 and they are now making leaps in the industry!

While the company is based out of China, TuSimple has an R&D facility in San Diego, as well as test operations located in Tucson. And the company is growing. Recently, at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), they announced that they are taking three to five autonomous trips per day. They also stated that they have customers currently on three different routes in Arizona.

And, the trips the TuSimple trucks take have two safety engineers. One of them is behind the wheel while the other monitors the data that comes in for each trip. That is a big change for the industry. As we get closer and closer to self-driving trucks, every change and technology leap is a big one. Which company will get there first?

Right now, TuSimple is not disclosing their customers. However, they did say that they currently have twelve that are contracted with them. And, they plan to expand further. Right now, they have eleven trucks operating in the US. They want to increase that number to 40 by June of this year. In addition, they will add another route from Arizona to Texas early this year.

Driving Technology

As the founder and president of TuSimple stated: “Exactly one year after debuting our prototype system at CES 2018, we’re now running up to five commercial trips a day in Arizona, expanding our fleet and moving quickly toward our goal of creating the first commercial self-driving truck.”

TuSimple is getting closer to making this happen with its use of camera-centric perception. Most autonomous vehicle companies use LiDAR to improve vehicle perception. However, LiDAR has some limitations, especially with large trucks that have to travel at high speeds. The system can detect objects and cars up to about 250 meters. According to TuSimple, they use a camera-based system which has a vision range of 1,000 meters.

As the company keeps trucking along, we’ll see how fast technology changes the industry. Will TuSimple create the first commercial self-driving truck? What will that mean for the future of the trucking industry?

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