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Restoration Vacation: 5 Cars Want Your Love

Restoration Vacation: 5 Cars Want Your Love

To undergo restoration for any model car is a large undertaking. It takes time, commitment and skills to bring a former king of the road back to it’s glory days. This is no easy task but sometimes finishing challenges rewards! You have to be willing to risk it all to win it all, true. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself! We’ve got some suggestions for cars that will be an easy fix if you find them nearly nixed, life-wise. Happy tinkering!

1968 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

A rough but road-worthy restoration in the making, the Camaro is the classic bad boy of mechanics. Power steering, vinyl interior and a 302 V8 engine await you inside the bulk of this beast. But be warned! This car’s 4-speed manual stick shift is not for the faint of heart. The Z28 model was introduced by Vince Piggins who wanted to adapt the Camaro line to be “virtually race-ready.” Who wouldn’t want to bring this monster back to life?

1969 Mustang Mach 1

Certainly, Ford’s Mustang everyman type of vehicle has variations by grease monkeys with turn-key ignitions and nice paint jobs. It was a benchmark year for the American company and certainly for the Mach 1. It had it’s humble beginnings, street wise with a V8-powered “sportsroof” body. (A sensation then, a given now.) A higlight of this standard sports car was the turn-signal lights installed in the back of the hood. The “shaker hood” was an air scoop that mounted the motor with all the bravado of a Buick but none of the fat. It’s worth a spin, needless to say.

1972 Pontiac GTO

A smooth bulk of metal, the GTO had a street credibility of being bright, loud and proud. Even if the spoiler spoiled nothing for the hungry auto-enthusiast. There’s still high praise for the flashy roar of the Ram Air IV engine. It’s uproarious enough to upset a mountain! Out of all the cars listed here as “fun” for restoration, the GTO is arguably a little more difficult. Mainly because collector vehicle values have turned to lower-cost offerings. Don’t blame the players. Blame the game. That’s just how they get their kicks on Route 66.

1967 Mercury Cougar

Under the hood, this Cougar has all the attributes of a certain horse power. Making it smooth move to find any parts for the mechanical and electrical doohickeys. It’s not totally unheard of to restore the early Cougar. Body panels like it’s own have been made for ages beforehand. There are also a bunch of interiors made for this purveyor of peace. This will get you some demand even from Mercury themselves. Very much a darling of the restoration Reddits you might follow.

1955 De Soto Fireflite Hemi

As gangster as this Hemi may be, this car is most notorious for it’s affordability. It’s so buyable, it’s a crime! And sure, maybe it doesn’t have the same KA-POW as it’s brother, the 426 Hemi. But it’s still got a purr that will startle a dinosaur. Doesn’t that count for anything? Keep in mind, this is the oldest model we’ve listed so far. You might just have to search for swapped body and trim parts if at all applicable. Good news? It’s very easy to restore. Just an itch to find out how and with what.

For more on restoration preparation, check out this guide from CarsDirect.

Will the Hummer EV Reign Supreme?

Will the Hummer EV Reign Supreme?

The Hummer EV is looking to flip the current electric car trend. With the ability to overcome its two largest rivals – Ford and Tesla, the brand is looking good.

Oneo f the largest issues that the electric car industry has dealt with over the past decade is the excuse that electric cars can’t outperform standard ICE’s.

Well, that time is gone. The Hummer EV has the potential to put out over 1,000 horsepower. A fully-electric vehicle, the truck looks to take on its largest rivals.

For Ford, they have the Bronco. The vehicle is one of the most anticipated launches of both 2020 and 2021. Its a smaller engine than its predecessors, but that only works to be in its favor. With fuel prices increasing, many will be venturing their capitol into other avenues.

On the other side of the coin, the performance of Tesla’s Cybertruck turned many heads upon its release. Unfortunately, the vehicle did not appear to be as bulletproof as it originally was, but the performance of the vehicle is what stole the show. On it’s debut, the Cybertruck could out-tow a Ford F-150 absolutely smashing the excuse of it being under powered.

The Hummer EV was once king of the cars when it launched in the early 2000’s. Now its ready to get back onto the thrown as the most effective EV vehicle on the market.

By having the name of Hummer, customers know that this will be the new hot take for electric superiority. 2020 has brought a significant change to the automotive industry. At the start, there was only a single contender in the ring, now that there are more of them being unveiled, the competitive side of electric vehicles is coming to fruition. Will the Hummer EV take the throne once more? We will have to see next years sales reports.

Flying During Coronavirus: What to Expect

Flying During Coronavirus: What to Expect

As states continue to slowly reopen, some brave passengers consider flying during the coronavirus. Airlines and airports both are taking extra precautions and cleaning with vigor. But is it really safe to fly right now? And what should you expect if you do decide to hop on-board?

The federal government currently allows interstate flights. But with no solid regulations about flight capacity, flying experiences currently vary by a pretty wide margin. Some passengers report comfortable trips. They are pleased to find airports are not nearly as crowded as they remember. Their flights are not full and everyone wears their mask. But still other trips have involved crowding to board and deboard or flights in which every seat is packed full.

So if you have to travel, what should you be prepared for?

New Procedures While Flying During Coronavirus

Some of the routine of flying remains the same. Other aspects have changed. Read on to feel fully informed and prepared before you embark on your journey.

You May Have to Check Your Own Bags

Plenty of passengers prefer to check their bags outside of the airport. But currently, Skycap services are hit or miss. So you may need to drag those bags inside and take care of checking them at a kiosk or the ticketing counter.

Airport Eateries May Remain Closed

Hungry? You’ll want to eat before you arrive and pack some snacks besides. You’re facing a gamble as to how much of the airport is open. We suggest checking online to see if the airport has listed what businesses are still running. Many newspaper stands continue to operate and sell snacks but lines are long since passengers lack other options. And–bad news: you won’t be fed much on the plane either.

In-Flight Services Are Limited

You won’t find any relief onboard, either. Airlines such as Southwest have switched to providing water and snacks. You can, of course, bring your own food on the plane. But you won’t be able to sit back and sip any cocktails. So if that’s part of your plan, scout any open bars at the airport beforehand and do your drinking there.

Not Everyone Respects Social Distancing and Not Everyone Wears a Mask

By nature, navigating an airport requires some close encounters. Even without the usual crowds, passengers are facing difficulty in social distancing. Some people simply don’t seem to pay attention or care. But even for those who are attentive, lining up to board and deboard becomes a cramped situation. Some airlines are enforcing rules about masks but not all will remove passengers that refuse. Be prepared to see people around you with and without their faces covered.

You’ll Need to Fill Out the Forms at Check-In

Like many aspects of this pandemic, authorities are handling this procedure via the honor system. At check-in, travelers of several airlines may have to fill out an additional health form. On it, they will agree to wear their mask while traveling and promise they have not shown symptoms of or knowingly come into contact with anyone with COVID-19 up to 14 days before flying. Frontier screens their passengers but other airlines are asking TSA to handle temperature checks.

Is it Safe?

So is it safe to be flying during the coronavirus? The short answer is no one knows. And it’s frustrating; we get it. It seems there are new unknowns to cope with each and every day. If you absolutely have to travel, be prepared and alert. If you don’t have to fly? Consider whether it’s worth the risk to you.

Motorcyclists Ride Against Police Brutality

Motorcyclists Ride Against Police Brutality

La Mesa Motorcyclists united a week ago to ride against police brutality. They began at Oak Park and finished outside police headquarters. The ride began around 1 PM. It comes on the heels of recently condemned police behavior in eastern San Diego county. These events are part of a larger scope of protests. And San Diego citizens are getting creative.

Demonstrations have been underway since late May to protest the murder of George Floyd. But with Covid-19 still an unsolved issue, large crowds can feel threatening. San Diego residents are finding ways around this, however. Car caravans are a safe option. Skateboarders and rollerbladers are starting to mobilize. The motorcycle parade is just one instance of citizens practicing social distancing while making their voices heard this month.

Motorcyclists Speak Out

The leader of the biker faction, “Caveman”, says they are riding to encourage the police to reflect. “I’m not a big fan of police brutality,” he said. “And it’s unfortunate that it has come to our community. They need to stand back and maybe look at themselves.”

The June 14th protest was billed as peaceful. Bikers and organizers are asking for San Diego police to examine the frequency with which they utilize force against civilians.

Riding for Reform: What’s the Message?

Activists are discussing many different solutions. One suggestion involves decreasing police budgets. Officers have noted that they have their hands full. They are a one-stop-shop for disputes of all levels. Moving money over to social programs could make their lives easier.

Consider this: a neighbor is having a party. The music is too loud. The family living next to them calls the police. Across town, an armed burglary is in process. The same department is having to handle both situations. One of those events is much less likely to required armed officers. Creating peaceful divisions of non-police can, in fact, empower the police to better do their jobs.

Additional social services could help take some of the stress off of officers. Mental health care professionals could assist individuals suffering substance abuse. Cities could fund solving homelessness. Specialists could handle domestic abuse and sexual assault cases.

The ultimate goal is peace. How we get to that is a tricky road. But citizens are opening the door to dialogue. And some people on the other side are listening.

La Mesa Police Chief Walter Vasquez responded to the motorcyclists. “Thank you. But we need their input,” Vasquez said. “And then change needs to occur, especially from the police department. We all need to get better.”

VW ID Buzz: Reinventing Tradition

The ID Buzz is the re-imagining of one of the most iconic vehicles ever. The VW Microbus was a symbol of the 60s counter-culture. Its revolutionary design is still a sharp contrast to anything on the road. Well, now the folks at Volkswagen have dusted off the concept book to bring back a classic.

The ID Buzz Is The All-Electric Car of Our Dreams

Featuring a sleek and stylish redesign was the first part of bringing the van back from the dead. The second was creating something revolutionary. With an all-electric motor, the bus stays true to the symbol it helped to create over 70 years ago.

From Veggie To Electricity

One of the biggest reason why so many people loved the VW Microbus was the ability to transport people. Not only that, but due to alternative culture popping up in America, being able to convert the diesel engine to burn vegetable oil meant that it could do it cheaply.

Hippies following the Grateful Dead would be able to travel around the country for little to not cost as long as they didn’t get caught raiding restaurant grease traps.

Now, with a fully-electric motor, the new VW can go 600- miles per charge. The bus also comes with removable seats for increase storage and the ability to lay the back seats flat for sleeping space. This is the perfect self-sufficient vehicle for the modern era.

The IS Buzz has a lot of strong points, but to say this prior to its release would be jumping the gun. For Germany, the bus is scheduled for release sometime in 2022. For the American market, the future is further out than expected.

As For the cost, estimates are showing the VW Buzz coming in starting at 40K with packages that can add to the purchase of it.

Electric Car Sales See Light

Electric Car Sales See Light

The electric car has been one of the most rapidly expanding industries of the new millennium. Tesla, the pioneer and current front runner for the industry matches the ambition and development of the likes of Ford and mixes it with the sleek technological advancements of a NASA space shuttle.

Unfortunately, the global pandemic that has struck every country since the start of the new year has put an extreme halt on all industries. The electric car industry was no exception.

Electric Car Sales Have Been Slashed

Since the turn of the new year, all auto sales have decreased. With so many people staying indoors and not working, the thought of making large-scale purchases currently goes by the weigh-side. The industry has seen an extreme dip in purchases.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Although things look dire, auto companies like Tesla have remained a mainstay in some country’s economies. In Germany, electric car sales have dominated 10% of the new car market. Among that 10%, Tesla makes up approximately 7%.

Although this still hasn’t overtaken the market and become the new essential item for every household, its slowly and (slower-ly) having a larger impact.

While most major car companies have taken the blow, they will still aptly be able to return to normal when travel bans are lifted.

Gas Prices Slow Surge Of Electric Car Sales

With everything going on, the oil industry has seen record lows. Fuel prices have been dropped to the lowest they have been since before the new millennium. With gas prices so low, the incentive to find alternative forms of transportation have been pushed back due to the access and high production.

Still, with these issues facing the world at large, the only thing consumers can do is wait. There will be a time shortly for car buyers to make the switch to alternative measures.

Securing A Flight Refund

Securing A Flight Refund

A massive surge of flight refunds has dealt a devastating blow to the airline economy. With many residents now facing stay-at-home, flights all around the world have been canceled. A contract with DOT states that all airlines that cancel a flight must do a cash refund of the cost. This has not been the case for many who had travel plans that were unfortunately canceled. The policy is still in place and many are left wondering when they will receive their refund. The problem is that it is up to the passenger who purchased the ticket to contact their airline to receive the proper accommodations.

Call Your Airline For a Flight Refund

You are going to get the run-around. Like most large businesses, they typically try to make contacting them difficult in order to deter the caller and possibly make them give up or call at a later time.

“Everybody should be able to get their cash refunds,” says Charles Leocha, the president and co-founder of the advocacy group Travelers United. “They paid for something. They’re not getting it. It’s basic American law.”

If you can get to a representative on your first try, then you are a lucky one. For those who cannot get in touch:

Call Your Airline Again

Much like dealing with your cable and internet provider, sometimes its best to non-stop call them. This is often the case with complaints and issues. The airline business wants to hold onto as much money as it can – even if it is yours.

You might need to fight for it. For some, they have had to try 3 times before they are given the “all-clear”. For others, they are still told no or they have to wait longer to receive the money.

If that Doesn’t Work, Call Your Credit-Card Company

Contacting your credit car company can help you in the long run. Credit card companies have fail safes in place for this exact reason.

If you have paid for something and not received the item or service, then the credit card company can be your last ditch-effort against an airline that does not want to refund your cancelled flight.

File a Complaint Via DOT for Flight Refund

The Department of Transportation is here to help protect people who have been unable to receive refunds for cancelled flights.

“The fact that the Department of Transportation put out the directive they did on Friday, I think is directly attributable to the hundreds or thousands of complaints that people were filing because the airlines were behaving so poorly,” Keyes says.

COVID-19 Changes Trucking Industry

COVID-19 Changes Trucking Industry

COVID-19 has changed the way we work and operate. While many are being laid-off and many stores are closing, this has not been the case for everyone. While many folks are at home and on lockdown, truckers are still moving back and forth to deliver goods and services to stores. Due to a number of factors, many officials have relaxed standards in order for drivers to do what must be done.

Relaxing on Hour Caps

If you talk to any trucker within the past 2 years, they would tell you that the standard 8-hours make it tough to make deliveries on time. If a truck driver goes over their required hours, then penalties can be placed upon them. If done enough times, then termination can also be a result. With the current issues going on in the US, regulations such as these have been put on hold. The trucking industry faces the challenge of not having enough drivers on the road. This means the ones that are currently working have to work double-time in order to deliver the optimal amount of products. This does not come as a benefit as much as it is a necessity. Still, the ability to do your job without having to worry about legal repercussions of working too long to make the trip is better than being stagnant.

COVID-19 Moves Yearly Inspections To July

Typically, March is the time of year that truckers hate the most. This month signifies that inspectors are in mass and cracking down on the requirements for truck drivers. They typically check for all the required DOT paperwork, the necessary authorities, and registrations, insurance, driver intoxication, driver well-being, and truck maintenance. These have been put on hold during this time of emergency in order to continue to ship goods across the US. For many truck drivers and businesses, this is a relief. Where the industry is already stretching itself thin, to mark people up for minor infractions adds another blow to an already stressed industry. By limiting the already few numbers of truck drivers, inspections will hold off until July.

Higher Wages and Benefits During COVID-19

In order for companies to keep their positions filled, many have offered up higher salaries and benefits packages to new and prospecting drivers. This has caused a slight uptick for those looking to change their career path. Until recently, wages were low and benefits did not meet the demands on those looking for careers. Well, in the realm of supply and demand, the demand is exceptionally high, and the supply is low. Right now, it is the perfect time to become a driver. The more drivers that are on the road, the less strain there is on the industry. Each new driver cuts back the weight that other current drivers hold.

Obtaining New Drivers For many, the career choice isn’t the most glamorous one. But, hey, not every opportunity is. Right now, the trucking industry provides much better wages and benefits than ever before. If you have a CDL license, then maybe its time to get back behind the wheel and help the country continue to move forward in a time of crisis.

Tesla Supercharger: Dominating US

Tesla Supercharger: Dominating US

The Tesla supercharger has wedged its name into the American subculture of electric vehicles. Where other nations and countries have developed other methods for charging, Tesla still seems on track to securing their place in the race for the most optimal electric car.

US Locations

Tesla is a name brand of vehicles. Much like Apple products, they carry their own patented design and all connected devices are patented by Tesla. A power cable for a Tesla cannot fit other EVs and vice versa. This might not be a drawback as much as we like to think due to Tesla’s market control at this current time.

Also, the number of Tesla charging stations is lower than either CCS and CHAdeMO. But with the control of the market in the US, the bulk of Tesla’s 1,200 chargers remains at home. This has allowed many US citizens to cross the country with ease in their electric cars.

Currently, there are Tesla supercharging stations in every major populated area in the US. If you are looking to travel from Boston to Los Angeles, there are Supercharging stations within the mileage of all Tesla vehicles. No matter which route you take, you will find a Tesla charging Station when you need it.


CHAdeMO has been in the electric charging game since before Tesla. With their domination of the Asian market including Honda, Toyota, Nissan, as well as many domestic car brands, this form of charging has become one of the most widely utilized charging stations in the world. They currently dominate both European and Asian markets and Tesla even has an adapter for their newer models.

CHAdeMO is the counter to Tesla’s grip over their own cars. Much like Microsoft vs Apple, the two will most likely come down to availability over brand reliability. Where Tesla owners will only be able to purchase Tesla products, CHAdeMO has become a recognized industry standard for most of the automobile industry.

Tesla Supercharge Comes Out On Top

Tesla has made it apparent that they will continue to develop and integrate more effective products for their vehicles. With batteries that can last upwards to 1 million miles planned for the near future, many ask when Tesla will be able to run out of energy. Well, not anytime soon. The automotive industry is now solidified in electric energy thanks to Tesla and its apparent explosive nature. The Tesla supercharger, albeit not as common as its competitive charging stations, still delivers the American market what it needs. The practical use of energy at a reliable location.

With the reliability of being one of the most recognized electric car brands in the world, many have taken them as a sign of effective engineering and reliability. Tesla has been able to withstand the factors that most car companies specialize in. Toyota’s reliability, Ford’s towing capacity, and the power to outpace most cars on the road. These factors have solidified the impression that Tesla is king.

CCS Charging Systems Fight Against Tesla Supercharger

Quick to hit the scene is the combined efforts of European and American auto manufacturers. Companies like BMW, Audi, Ford, and Volkswagen have joined together to develop their own brand of charging ports.

The CCS design is similar to both Tesla and CHAdeMo technologies. The reality of these charging devices comes at the bereft of Apple vs Standard PC’s. The charging methods are the same, heck some might even say that the charging capabilities of each variant are identical, except for the plug itself.

Each variant has its own specific plug that goes to each car. If you buy a Tesla, you need to use the Tesla brand charging station. If you use a BMW or Audi electric vehicle, you will need to use CCS. The same goes for Nissan, Toyota, and Honda. If you were to purchase an electric vehicle for one of these brands you will need to use a CHAdeMO. With CHAdeMO being the most commonly used energy charger in the world, the rest have to play catch-up.

These haven’t been near as widely recognized nor have they been adopted into more traditional sense. Elon Musk’s development of the Supercharger has been to fully outpace the rest.

Love Songs: Best Hits For Valentines Driving

Love Songs: Best Hits For Valentines Driving

Love songs are everywhere. Valentine’s day is a great holiday for those in love. Regardless of any impasse that a couple can come across love can and will continue to prevail. Well, the trucking industry knows a thing or two about love at a distance. That’s is why we dug deep and found some of the best love songs for truckers on the road.

Ann Lee Womack – A Man With 18 Wheels

The song is a cheerful little diddy. It expresses the longing that the singer has for her man who drives an 18-wheeler. Shes just one day away until she’s in the arms of her loved one. She understands that when he comes home from the long haul, he’ll be all hers. That’s the dream, isn’t it? Working hard after a long day’s work (or 10) to come home and have someone there waiting for you. Or understanding the wait until you see your loved one again. Many truckers feel this way on valentine’s day and this love song works perfectly to fit that hole in someone, long-distance heart.

3 Doors Down – I’m Here Without You Baby

This song has been a tried and true classic since it was released in the early 2000s. Everyone from military to travelers has had this playing for them one time or another. It’s all about long-distance love. Many people are away for the holiday and might not return for a while.

“The miles just keep rollin’
As the people leave their way to say hello
I’ve heard this life is overrated
But I hope that it gets better as we go. “

Boy, if that doesn’t ring loud and clear through many truckers’ heads, then I’m not sure what does.

The Proclaimers – I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)

This is a classic. It depicts the dream of every long-distance relationship. We could post a section of the song that hits home with most people on the road, but that would be the entire song. As opposed to a saddened lonely heart, this song actually has quite a great beat to it. It’s uplifting and reassuring that things are okay no matter where these two are in the world. Even if they can’t make it home on time for one reason or another, you can rest assure they’ll walk 500 miles to get you their lover’s doorstep.

Know A Couple Long-Distance Love Songs?

Do you have a song about your love this Valentine’s day? Let us know by putting it in the comments below! Don’t feel alone this holiday and remember that you got someone very special waiting for you when you get home.

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