Car on Fire! Man and Dog Rescued from Flames

Car on Fire! Man and Dog Rescued from Flames

SAN DIEGO, CA – A San Diego car crash occurred on the Interstate 15, which led to a fiery result this morning. The car crashed into another vehicle in the Kearny Mesa area.

At about 12:45 in the early hours of the morning, some witnesses noticed the vehicle traveling very fast on the freeway.

It was traveling along the southbound side of Interstate 15. One of the people who saw the car traveling down the road believes it may have even gone to, or over, 100 miles per hour.

After the car smashed into the back of another vehicle on the freeway, it came to a stop. Luckily, witnesses, who turned out to be Good Samaritans, came to the driver’s rescue. The car caught fire, but as it started to burn, the Good Samaritans dragged the man, along with his service dog, out of the vehicle.

Emergency personnel arrived shortly after. Firefighters on the scene put out the fire before it spread very far. As a result of the crash and the incident, medical personnel transported the driver to the hospital. However, the public does not know what injuries the man suffered due to the wreck.

But, due to the driver’s actions, police had to investigate the incident. Apparently, police arrested the man. The arrest was made on suspicion of a DUI.

In addition, paramedics took the service dog away from the scene of the fiery crash. It is unclear what might happen to the man after this event, and what may have been involved in causing the crash.  

Truck Rolls in Crash, Kills Escondido Man

Truck Rolls in Crash, Kills Escondido Man

ESCONDIDO, CA – Over the weekend, an Escondido man was killed as a result of an awful crash. According to police, the man was partly ejected from his truck. Then, the truck rolled over him.

This Escondido crash occurred just after 9:30 in the morning on Sunday, March 3rd. And it took place at the intersection of Valley Parkway and Quine Street. This information comes from Lt. Michael Kearney of the Escondido police.

They identified the man driving the truck as a fifty-four-year-old. During the time of the crash, he drove a Toyota Tacoma, going southbound, along Quince Street. This is when he crashed into another driver. The other driver, identified as a forty-one-year-old woman, drove a Mercedez-Benz at the time of the crash. She was heading westbound on Valley Parkway. Luckily, the woman driving this vehicle did not receive any injuries.

With the impact of the crash, the Tacoma rolled multiple times. And, due to the fact that the fifty-four-year-old man did not have a seatbelt on at the time, he was partly ejected from the truck. Therefore, the truck rolled over him as well.

Emergency personnel transported the man to Palomar Medical Center and he died there later on. A female passenger was riding in the truck along with the man. She wore a seatbelt at the time of the crash and only faced minor injuries as a result. However, Escondido Fire Paramedics had to remove her from the vehicle.

While the cause of the crash is unknown at this time, police believe that alcohol may have been involved. The crash is undergoing investigation.

More Rain for San Diego!

More Rain for San Diego!

SAN DIEGO, CA – Although the San Diego rain may seem like it’s coming to an end, this Friday is only a break from the harsh weather. This weekend, experts predict a second more ravenous storm, to hit the region this weekend.

Meteorologist Megan Parry has made her prediction about this weekend’s storm. She expects Friday to be an overall nice day. While some parts of the county may be hit with light rain, others should report mostly dry weather and even some sunshine.

In lighter news, the rain has created an opportunity for some beautiful rainbows.

Parry states that the sporadic showers will continue through Saturday morning. After the morning, the second storm of the week will move in from the north and bring a heavier rainfall.

This Saturday storm will peak in the afternoon and evening hours, but will continue throughout the day.

The county warns of flash floods and flooding in parts of the county.  In particular, the mountain and valley areas are prone to flooding. There are two mountains within the region that the storm will reach. These mountains are Mount Laguna and Palomar Mountain. The snow levels of these mountains are supposed to increase from the regular one inch to 3 inches.

There is also a possibility of a third storm. It may occur on Sunday afternoon. Although it isn’t expected to be as intense as Thursday and Saturday’s storm, it could linger until Tuesday. Only time will tell whether or not the third storm will occur.

Three Teens Tortured and Killed.

Three Teens Tortured and Killed.

SAN DIEGO, CA – Finally, police arrested three men for the November killing of three tortured teens. Unfortunately, police discovered the three teenagers murdered in a Tijuana apartment on November 25, 2018.

The discovery of these three teens in the Loma Verdes neighborhood was a shock with no discernable motive. The General Attorney’s office announced that the men assaulted the three kids for up to two hours before they killed them. Apparently, these men entered the apartment without warning. It is unknown why the group targeted these particular teens. It is most likely that these men tortured the teens separately and killed them together.

The three teens included Alexis Gomez, Juan Suarez Ojeda, and Angel Said Robles. Alexis Gomez was seventeen and a high school senior at O’Farrell Charter School in San Diego. Also located in San Diego, Juan Suarez Odeja, eighteen, had just graduated Ingenuity Charter School. Finally, Angel Said Robles was a seventeen-year-old Mexican native in high school in Tijuana.

Gomez and Odeja, both attended the nearby charter schools since sixth-grade. Consequently, their schools created a GoFundMe page to help the families afford the costs of funeral arrangements. Both San Diego teens had plans for after their future.

The men who committed this brutal murder consisted of Fabricio, Esteban Manuel, and Alejandro. As of yet, not all information has been released to the public.

Shelter for Migrants Increasingly Scarce in San Diego County

Shelter for Migrants Increasingly Scarce in San Diego County

San Diego, CA — Saturday night, volunteers learned that immigration officials would release two more busloads of families in San Ysidro. However, the shelter opened seven weeks ago to temporarily house families released by immigration officials was already full. Panicked phone calls began as volunteers from the San Diego Rapid Response Network attempted to deal with the crisis.

The volunteers rushed to the Greyhound bus station in San Ysidro. Families seeking asylum from Central America were scheduled to arrive at around 6 p.m. Two buses brought about 63 people before 8 p.m. The volunteers brought blankets, in case these new families needed to spend the night.

Among those facing a night outdoors at the bus station were parents with young children. Marco, a 40-year-old Guatemalan man, comforted his 6-year-old son with a cookie given to him by volunteers. A volunteer attempted to explain to Marco’s nephew in Iowa that he would need to purchase bus tickets for his uncle. The nephew requested Marco to call back the next day.

Other immigrants were luckier. 29-year-old Kateri, traveling with three young children, reached family in Los Angeles who agreed to pick her up from San Diego. Kateri had injured her hand crossing the border near Tecate when she decided to go over a fence with her children. She had been worried that the kids would be hurt, but, “Thank God it was me and not them,” she said.

Immigrants Find Shelter for One Night

Volunteers worked to organize the families. However, the workers had no idea where they would put all these people for the night. Then, a call came in that changed everything. A church offered to take all the new immigrants until more space opened up in the shelter.

Kevin Malone, executive director of the San Diego Organizing Project, said that every day, it looks like volunteers may have to leave people on the street. He stated that he and his fellow workers have been “patching this thing together minute by minute.”

Why SeaWorld Terminated a Contract with Evans to Build a Hotel in San Diego?

Why SeaWorld Terminated a Contract with Evans to Build a Hotel in San Diego?

San Diego, California -San Diego Sea World-branded hotel will not come to the San Diego theme park. Florida-based company resigned the contract nine months after signing a deal.

The company said the company made a decision to terminate the agreement with San Diego-based Evans hotel.

The termination of the agreement resulted in losing $2.8 million.

Even though the decision was made in September, the report announcing it publicly was released on Tuesday.

The SeaWorld Interim CEO John Reilly while asked by an analyst about the hotel, said in response that hotels for now are not a near-term priority.

According to the CEO the top priority for the company are the attendance –driving attractions. Evans hotel representatives are disappointed for not moving forward with the hotel project.

They believe SeaWorld’s success is very important to San Diego.

Evans already has two Mission Bay resorts near the marine park.

A debate on building a hotel evolves around the main concern that it can disrupt focus, and take the attention off the core business.

Even though SeaWorld still releases some financial reports, there are some rumors about the possible sale of the company.

Company refused to comment on rumors.


Woman With a Purple Wig Arrested For The Death of Store Owner

Woman With a Purple Wig Arrested For The Death of Store Owner

San Diego, California – A woman wearing a purple wig was noticed at the scene of a deadly incident, which happened at a downtown San Diego Business. As police reported, she got arrested.

According to San Diego police the woman identified as Lorena Del Carmen Espinoza, 34-year-old was taken into a custody on Tuesday.

She is guilty of the alleged role in the death of the owner of Bottom Price Flooring on G Street. The 49-year –old Ghedeer ‘’Tony’’ Radda is the victim.

51-year old Kevin Eugene Cartwright is another suspect of the crime which also got arrested on October 17.

A victim was found nonresponsive inside the store by the customer at about 3: 42 p.m., on October 10.

Despite of the efforts of emergency responders to save his life, he was pronounced dead a few minutes later.

As police said, Radda had serious trauma to his upper body.  The cameras spotted two people in disguises at the business. One of them had a granny mask on, the other one a female donning a purple wig.

The investigation is still underway. As detectives found out Cartwright was once a customer of Radda.





Four DMV Kiosks Are Available in San Diego : 15 More is Expected

Four DMV Kiosks Are Available in San Diego : 15 More is Expected

San Diego, California – Good news for the San Diego drivers. Now four DMV kiosks added to San Diego County.

It means San Diego drivers can now renew their vehicle registration and license plate sticker instantly at new DMV locations. Those four DMV kiosks are part of grocery stores in the San Diego County.

San Diego’s drivers can found DMV kiosks at these locations: Albert stone, at 1601 S. Melrose Dr., Vistas,  CA 92081. The second is located at 3rd Avenue, 720 Chula Vista, CA 91910.

You can find one also at 3455 Del Mar Height Rd, Del Mar, CA 92130.  Ralphs will also have a DMV kiosk for drivers of San Diego.

The requirement for the transaction the drivers will be asked to introduce vehicle registration renewal notice or most recent vehicle registration card.

The instruction at all these locations is available both in English and Spanish. The DMV new kiosks at the Alberstone and Raleigh locations will accept credit/ debit cards.

The DMW is planning to add 15 more kiosks by the end of the year.

5 Million Visitors at San Diego Zoo: Donation Call For Endangered Animals

5 Million Visitors at San Diego Zoo: Donation Call For Endangered Animals

San Diego, California – San Diego zoo is famous not only among city residents. Tourists, especially animal lovers visit San Diego Zoo every day over the last 100 years.

The Zoo records show that annually 5 million people visit Balboa Park and sister property The San Diego Zoo Safari Park in Escondido.

San Diego Zoo gained national attention on ‘’The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson’’, where wild and exotic animals were introduced. The show definitely tuned San Diego Zoo into the ‘’world famous’’ zoo.

Last summer the exhibition called ‘’ Africa rock’’ and costing $68 million replaced ‘’ Dog and Cat Canyon’’. It took eight acres and is considered the zoo’s largest construction project ever.

The exhibition called ‘’Africa rock’’ shifts the focus of the zoo to the conservancy. Nowadays if you visit San Diego zoo you will see the difference.

Nowadays San Diego Zoo Global has a mission to ‘’save species worldwide’’. The organization called San Diego Zoo Global is a nonprofit organization that operates the zoo itself and the Safari park.

The Safari Park is where six rescued rhinos are. The place is known as The Rhino Rescue Center. This is the only program and the last hope to save the northern white rhino. San Diego Zoo Global have been taking actions to save rhinos for 40 years.

The center has had 97 southern white rhinos born, 15 black ones born at the Safari park.

Two artificially inseminated rhinos are expecting babies.

Any donation for wild animals’ conservation is appreciated.

The Highest Poverty Rate is in San Diego County: Report Indicates The Numbers

The Highest Poverty Rate is in San Diego County: Report Indicates The Numbers

San Diego, California— Due to inflation San Diegans are working more, but the money isn’t going as far as it used to.

This is said in the U.S. Census Bureau report.

From 2016 more people per household worked in San Diego. That contributed to the average household income increase for five percent in 2017.

The chart shows how the earnings dropped for the third year in a row. San Diego’s poverty rate remains well above the U.S. at more than 13 percent.

Due to the fact that more family members are working, the households in San Diego have a higher income. This is according to research Director Peter Brownell.

He said this is still a good news. But the wages are still lower than before the inflation.

The research shows that more and more people over 65 are still working in San Diego. They do not retire as they are supposed to.

According to the report of the bureau, one out of five seniors worked in 2017, in San Diego.

The highest poverty rate was spotted in El Cajon, San Diego County. It makes an alarming 21 percent.


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