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Plans on Homelessness, Climate Change, and Equity in the Speech Given

Plans on Homelessness, Climate Change, and Equity in the Speech Given

Plans to take decisive action on homelessness, climate change and social equity is on the agenda of the new San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria. This will take place during Todd’s first year in office. But, he cautions, the city is in a “fragile” state because of the COVID-19 pandemic and financial problems.

Plans on Issues Facing San Diego

The State of the City was used by Gloria on Wednesday to address what makes San Diegans aware of the challenges. These include what they face and his plans to address them. This is what he described as more substantive and proven solutions than the predecessor Kevin Faulconer.

San Diego has Other Priorities to Deal With

The new mayor also laid out several other priorities, including law enforcement reform, including decreasing the city’s digital divide, moving up on creating more housing affordability, and providing aid to businesses and residents most have dealt with the pandemic.

Plans to Transform the Look of the City

Moreover, transforming the look of the city in many places was a promise by Gloria. Therefore, he described creating new pedestrian promenades in downtown and Hillcrest, and helping guide “across the finish line” big projects like a Mission Valley river park. Moreover, they connect the trolley to the airport and redeveloping the sports arena area.

Plans to Getting People off the Streets

Gloria is hiring former Obama administration expert Matthew Doherty on the issue of homelessness. This is to make sure San Diego is spending its resources on proven solutions that get people off the streets. However, it will help the city move toward ending the chronic problem.

Changing the Policy for Dealing with Homelessness

There are plans, according to the new mayor, to help seek assistance from the county to shift the “first point of contact” for homeless people from police officers to mental health counselors.

In our canyons and on our beaches to provide on-the-spot assistance, we need medical professionals out on our streets, he said. We must change the status quo on homelessness, let me be clear.

No Shortcuts to Ending Homelessness

Therefore, Gloria has admitted the problem can’t be quickly or easily solved.

In fact, there are no shortcuts to ending homelessness, he said. It will take steadfast, unrelenting tenacity instead. We will deliberately carry them out through proven strategies.

Convention Center Shelter Funded through January 2021

Convention Center Shelter Funded through January 2021

The Convention Center in San Diego will shelter the homeless through at least the first month of 2021. San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria made this statement.

Convention Center Costs for Shelter Operations

Providing funding using money from shelter operations in November and December, Gloria said he’s directing staff to do this. That is if it wasn’t spent because of cost-cutting measures and other factors, as well as a state grant for funding homeless-related services.

Helping the Homeless During Pandemic

Gloria said he wants to protect its homeless neighbors from COVID-19 while keeping a spotlight on connecting them to longer-term housing. Furthermore, a temporary extension for this shelter will allow us to serve the biggest number of people in need. This includes daily health screenings and other COVID-19 protections.

Hope for More Funding though March

Gloria added that he’s proposing the city to put through more funding through March 2021, with plans to continue helping those at the shelter transition into permanent housing or into another shelter by that time.

Through January, these financial plans will have a discussion with the City Council.

Convention Center Served Almost 900 People and Nearly 50 Families

In April, the city’s downtown convention center shelter helped hundreds of people that were experiencing homelessness. This took place as the COVID-19 pandemic begin. The city said that’s Operation Shelter to Home program has helped more than 870 people and 45 families. The goal was to find a permanent or longer-term housing solution. In addition, more than 200 others in the process of finding housing.

Move people experiencing homelessness into one location. This is part of the program’s goal. They could also capably space out and centralize the staff from many city shelters during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Positive COVID-19 Tests

This month, the shelter has seen an increase in positive COVID-19 tests. These virus cases have gone up across the county and state. More than 11,200 Corona Virus got this test at the shelter for residents and staff. A total of 190 positive tests are apparent at the shelter. This includes 170 residents and 20 volunteers or staff members. This according to the city.

Awaken Church Holds Services Despite Outbreak, Health Order

Awaken Church Holds Services Despite Outbreak, Health Order

Awaken Church Defying the Public Health Advisory – Good on Them!

The Awaken Church got a public health advisory in San Diego after a COVID-19 outbreak. Moreover, services took place at the church on Sunday, November 29th, at the Balboa Avenue location. This was despite the warning from the San Diego County Public Health Department.

Now, San Diego County is still under the purple tier coronavirus restrictions. The health officials said there’s been an outbreak at the church as a result members are at risk of contracting and spreading the COVID-19 virus.   

Church Members Worshipping Together

On Saturday, November 29th, the County of San Diego issued a public health advisory for the church, but that didn’t deter the church’s members from worshipping together on Sunday, November 30th. This service was also available online.

Three Churchgoers Contracted the Corona Virus

Three people have contracted Corona Virus. As a result, health officials asked anyone who attended services there between November 15 and November 22 to quarantine for 14 days after their last date of exposure.

Awaken Church Took a Rare Step to Ask Congregation Members to Take Measures to Stop the Virus

Health officials said they took this unusual step at Awaken Church. This is because they were not able to identify and notify everyone that got exposed to COVID-19. Also, it seems that they were able to ensure proper measures to stop the virus from spreading.

God will Provide Deliverance from COVID-19

“I know we’re in a season of COVID and masks and restrictions and threats and cease and desists orders and crazy election results. Still, God wants you to know I am the champion of this world. You stay with me [then] you’re invincible. You’re unstoppable. So, let’s pray,” one of the church’s staff members said during the live-streamed service at the Awaken Church on Sunday morning.  

Business Owners Unite to Stay Open if County Moves to Purple Tier

Business Owners Unite to Stay Open if County Moves to Purple Tier

Business Owners Need Better Solutions

San Diego County should come up with greater ways to stop the spread of the Corona Virus. Rather than forcing them to close, according to business owners.

Business Owners are Saying the Closure Would be Permanent

Dozens of business owners said they would not close down again if Governor Newsom or San Diego County officials made them close. But now, many of them are saying the closure is permanent.

530 new COVID-19 Infections, Region’s total Cases Were 58,636

Because San Diego County public health officials give details of 530 new COVID-19 infections on Thursday, November 5th. Therefore, this raised the region’s total to 58,636 cases. The county was waiting on Tuesday, November 3rd whether it would sink into the dreaded purple tier. This would be of the state’s four-tiered COVID-19 reopening.

Dread Purple Tier

The “Purple Tier” could force restaurants, churches and gyms to close all indoor operations. Plus, retail businesses can only operate at 25% capacity.

As of Thursday, no new death were total.

No new deaths were reported Thursday. The total fatalities related to the illness in the San Diego remains at 904.

Unadjusted New Daily Corona Virus Case Rate

State officials reported Wednesday that San Diego County had an unadjusted new daily coronavirus case rate of 8.7 per 100,000. The adjusted case rate dropped to 7.4 per 100,000, above the baseline of 7. This qualifies the state for the purple, or most restrictive tier of the reopening plan. Last week’s unadjusted case rate was 7.8 per 100,000.

“It would take a significant change in trajectory,” Supervisor Nathan Fletcher said Wednesday of avoiding purple.

Reopening Plan Guidelines

According to the reopening plan, a county has to report data exceeding a more restrictive tier’s guidelines. Therefore, it is for two consecutive weeks. This would be before being moving to a more restrictive tier. A county then has to be in that tier for a minimum of three weeks. This is before it may move to a less restrictive tier.

Social Workers to Get Gun-Safety Training to Protect Children

Social Workers to Get Gun-Safety Training to Protect Children

Social workers that work in child welfare in San Diego County will receive specialized training regarding firearm safety regulations. This is in an effort to reduce the potential for gun violence among local families. The announcement came on Monday, October 19th.

Social Workers get Training at San Diego City Attorney’s Office

The training will be available to all 800 child welfare service staff through the San Diego City Attorney’s Office. They will cover gun violence restraining orders, San Diego’s Safe Storage of Firearms law, and other related state laws and measures.

More Than 600 Firearms Have Been Removed

The gun violence restraining order program has removed more than 600 firearms from dangerous users since it started in 2017. What this order means is that it remove guns from people who are threats to themselves or others.

The Safe Storage of Firearms Ordinance Offers Major Protection to the Most Vulnerable

The Safe Storage of Firearms Ordinance is a law according to the City Attorney’s Office that has been effective in preventing suicides and unintentional injuries/deaths among children, according to City Attorney’s Office. This law took effect last year. It requires that San Diegans keep firearms in locked containers. They should be disabled by a trigger lock if they are not in the immediate control of authorized users.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, officials have said the training is especially relevant. This is due to many residents who are experiencing stress related to staying in quarantine. As a result, gun sales have also jumped in the first three months of the pandemic. This is according to the City Attorney’s Office. They said 110,00 Californians have bought new guns between March and July.

Social Workers Aid in Helping The City Attorney’s Office with Pandemic-Related Stressors Families Face

San Diego City Attorney Mara Elliott said the stressors that come from the pandemic increase. Children who attend school at homes where parents’ focus is on other responsibilities. Therefore, protecting families from gun violence has never been more critical. The city attorney’s office goal is to prevent what Elliott calls “unthinkable tragedies.” In turn, ensure the safety of the social workers that look into the well-being of San Diego’s children during COVID-19.

The trainings will take place virtually October 27, November 10 and December 1.

Soccer Team From San Diego Walks off After Homophobia

Soccer Team From San Diego Walks off After Homophobia

SAN DIEGO, CA – The San Diego Loyal SC was winning a soccer game against the opposing team the Phoenix Rising on Wednesday, September 30th. Then the team chose to forfeit in protest an alleged homophobic slur against an openly gay player. Taking a stand is never easy. But there is a price to pay for not standing up for who and what you are. Choosing to forfeit a soccer game is a big deal but not in comparison to sacrificing your freedom of choice to live your life on your terms and fearlessly.

Alleged Homophobic Slur

The San Diego Loyal SC reportedly said a member of Phoenix Rising “used a homophobic slur directed at Collin Martin.”

“In response, we have decided to walk off the pitch in protest,” the team wrote on Twitter. Collin Martin is an openly gay man and who came out in 2018. At the time, Martin said he was the only out gay man in any major professional sport in the U.S.

San Diego was winning the match 3-1 when it chose to forfeit. This may have also cost the team its playoff hopes, according to NBC Sports.

Investigation of Claim

Phoenix Rising is “investigating the claim of a homophobic slur. The homophobic slur used by one its players has vehemently denied these allegations. Phoenix Rising stands with the USL. They will reject and punish any homophobic behavior.”

The United Soccer League also said it is looking into the alleged bigotry.

“Foul and abusive language of any type has absolutely no place in our society and will not be tolerated in USL matches,” the league wrote in a statement late Wednesday. “An investigation is currently underway to determine the facts surrounding the incident and more information will be provided as soon as it is available.”

In Another Game, an Alleged Racist Comment was Made

The San Diego Loyal SC’s action came a week after it walked off the field in another game. This time, it was over an alleged racist comment directed at a Black player by a member of the Los Angeles Galaxy. After the September 23th incident, the Galaxy player was suspended. The suspension is for six games by the USL Championship and released from the Los Angeles team, NBC Sports released.

Barkeep Attacked For Asking “Where’s Your Facemasks?”

Barkeep Attacked For Asking “Where’s Your Facemasks?”

SAN DIEGO, CA – Tony Aversa, the barkeep at 710 Beach Club in Pacific Beach, was attacked over the holiday weekend. Patrons were filmed attacking Aversa after he inquired about their facemasks.

Lately, being a bartender during this pandemic has felt more like being an enforcer of sorts. You’re eating. You’re drinking. But if you’re not even trying to wear your mask during other parts of the day, what are you actually doing?

Your inaction to keep people around you safe, while not wearing a mask, is deadly. That’s the mentality this barkeep upholds, in any hairy situation.

On Labor Day weekend, a group asked for service, while denying any commands to wear masks. When one of the men asked to speak with a manager, Aversa welcomed them, if only they could wear masks.

What occurred next was an altercation as the man pushed a female barkeep in response. The security guard and Aversa tried to divide the fight but another man sucker-punched Aversa. The hit broke his nose and sinus cavity.

Which isn’t great when you return to work after months of avoiding the virus. He’ll be out of work until the surgery he’s due for is a thing of the past.

Video footage shown from surveillance was present in at least two different vantage points. One from a security camera, another from a cell phone’s camera. It was quite violent.

Luckily, for the barkeep, Aversa’s mother is raising money through GoFundMe to raise funds to help her son with expenses. She’s also rallying the community together to find and apprehend the man who led the damning blow.

All I can say about this, after having read all that, is how glad I am my brother isn’t a barkeep during these times. He used to work for a bar during college, but has since gone on to enjoy a booming career at Pepsi. Humble beginnings with rougher chapters make for a better person.

City Parks Are Opening For Service and Excercise

City Parks Are Opening For Service and Excercise

San Diego, CA – City parks are starting to open themselves up to the public once more. Although COVID-19 still remains a preventable threat, the community is coming together to worship and exercise.

Throughout the country, many small businesses are closing their doors. More specifically – fitness centers and churches. While both typically cater to large gatherings, they are being left out in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

Now, they are able to gather in public places. With churches holding service to those of worship the city is answering a desperate call to those people.

“I’m just glad that I am able to observe God the way my rights are intended to,” says local church-goer David Letty. “I understand not being inside with the level of people who attend, but to cut service out completely is uncalled for. I’m glad I can still observe the light of God without interference. I think it’s a great idea to have service outside – that way I get to see all the miracles that my lord provides for me.”

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer signed an executive order to help relieve some of the troubles that many are facing.

This order comes amid progressive improvements to the city’s COVID-19 results. With 38,000 current cases and 660 deaths, the city is able to move forward with the reopening.

City Parks Aren’t The Only Areas To Reopen

This is also leading to a 14-day trial period which would reopen schools for grades k-12. Each district has the opportunity to decide for themselves. Some districts may have more incentive to be worried than others The ones that have been least affected have the ability to send children back to school with the proper safety precautions.

“That doesn’t mean we’ll be able to open everything all at once,” says County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher. “We must be mindful. We don’t want to undo the progress we’ve made so far.”

Throughout the rest of the state, COVID-19 cases are still too high for reopening. San Diego is currently doing a great job, but reopening quickly could undo consistent progress.

Volkswagen Trademarks New EV Names

Volkswagen Trademarks New EV Names

Germany – Volkswagen has recently trademarked a few names for their new EV line. On top of that, they are looking to revamp their classic cars with new EV technology.

From the iconic Beetle to the Redesign of the VW Microbus – the company is looking at a fresh approach for a classic concept.

Recently the trademark office got its first look at the names for their new line. One of the major factors to indicate Volkswagen as an electric powerhouse is the introduction of a lowercase “e” inserted before the name.

One of the major reveals was the unusual name “e-Samba”. While classic titles such as the “Beetle”, and “Golf”, are making headlines. The “e-Samba” has many to believe the redesigned Microbus or “I.D Buzz” will see fit.

Volkswagen releases I.D. Buzz Under “e-Samba”

The Microbus has an extensive history. From the early days of the 60’s it was utilized as a convoy vehicle for wanderings 20-somethings in pursuit of expanding their minds through love and music. Through later eras its design ran straight into the ground. Now, with the new fully electric convoy/camper, many will see their old dreams come to life in an electric fashion.

The VW Bus is also known for having a bio diesel following. Many early experimenters found out that old diesel engines could run vegetable oil. This led a fuel revolution. Even to this day, you can still find folks rummaging through restaurant grease pits for fuel.

Well, with the new release of the I.D. Buzz or the “e-Samba” the need for your car to smell like french-fries to get anywhere is over. Now, you just need to hook your Microbus up to the charging station, wait till its full and you’re on your way!

The new name is fitting. With many Californians looking to pick up this car upon release, the starting place is perfect for the state.

Video Of Barista Asking Woman to Wear Mask Goes Viral

Video Of Barista Asking Woman to Wear Mask Goes Viral

San Diego, CA – A Barista who turned down a customer for not wearing a mask is receiving massive support from the community.

A video of the customer went viral on Monday and currently has over 80,000 views. The video is from the customer’s perspective where she appears to not be very happy with being denied entry without having a mask. After publishing the video, massive support for the workers was seen flooding the comments section.

Coworkers took the side of the server stating:

“This is a minimum wage job he is trying to get through his day,” said former Starbucks partner Courtney White.

As of Tuesday night, the comments section soared to over 122,000 comments – the majority in support for the barista.

A Kickstarter Is Raising Money For The Barista

Upon seeing the viral video, one person believes that the unfortunate attempt to publicly shame the employee should be recognized further.

Yesterday, the Kickstarter raised over $8,000 worth of tips for the employee.

In a video, the employee had been thankful of the support.

“Social Distancing Karen” Is A New Trend

Since the start of the pandemic, many show opposition to wearing a mask. They continue to protest wearing a piece of cloth over their mouths to protect others.

Viral videos are popping up in a (pretty pathetic) attempt to create outrage over being cautious. From denial of entry into stores without proper safety to calling the cops, many “Social Distancing Karen’s” have opted to create more of a problem than simply wearing a mask.

The other option for many patrons is to use the drive-through. The drive-through offers a substantial level of protection for social distancing. Still, people find it necessary to attempt to spark outrage over not wanting to wear a mask.

Still, people are finding their ways into the media by acting like children.

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