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Median Home Price in San Diego Rises

Median Home Price in San Diego Rises

The median price-tag for a home in San Diego County reached a new high of $594,455, reports the San Diego Union-Tribune. That’s an increase of 5.2 percent in the median home price from last year at this time.

The rise in home prices comes as a result of lowering mortgage rates. The most popular mortgage, a 30-year fixed-rate loan, dropped to 3.7 percent last month from 4.87 percent in November of last year. Since the cost of a loan is significantly more favorable, homebuyers flood the market. From this time last year, home sales increased by 8.6 percent.

An increase in demand strains supply. A shrinking supply lifts the value of the commodity. Hence, the rise in median home prices in the region.

However, the market trend isn’t isolated to San Diego county. Market watchers observe home prices rising across southern California.

  • San Bernardino County up 6.1 percent to $350,000
  • Riverside County up 5 percent to $409,500
  • Los Angeles County up 4.5 percent to $625,000

The average across the whole of southern California rose 5.6 percent to $549,000.

Rates, and Median Home Price Impact

Mortgage rates in 2019 sit at their most favorable for homebuyers since 2011. The Federal Reserve, the federal government’s regulatory body charged with stabilizing job growth and inflation, greatly impacts rates. The Fed controls the federal funds rate, a money borrowing interest rate that influences the bond market.

In short, the Fed rate impacts how expensive money lending becomes for borrowers across industries.

With considerable volatility as a consequence of the trade war with China, the Fed chose in recent months to reduce the rate. This reaction helps maintain steady economic growth in the face of an impending recession.

However, with a general trend towards a slowing economy, and economists the world over on edge, it remains to be seen how effective the rate reduction will be. Though, for now, the impact on the housing market will continue to inspire more homebuyers to take advantage of low rates, in spite of higher home prices.

Truck Jackknifes On I-15

Truck Jackknifes On I-15

SAN DIEGO, CA — A SigAlert was issued on I-15 Wednesday night after a UPS big rig collided into a guard rail. Consequently, the truck jackknifed while on the I-15. Then, the semitrailer skidded up the Interstate while traveling northbound. Importantly, it should be noted that the alert was issued for three lanes of the freeway until midnight.

Moreover, the crash occurred around 9:40 p.m. According to the California Highway Patrol, the big rig began to veer out of control between Interstate 8 and Adams Avenue.

As a result of the accident, at least 35 gallons of diesel fuel spilled into the freeway, as reported by the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department.

While traffic continued to move steadily in the carpool and first lanes, the same cannot be said for the others. In fact, the Number 2, 3, and 4 lanes were blocked until around midnight, according to the CHP.

At this time there have been no injuries reported.

Friars Road Closure This Weekend

Friars Road Closure This Weekend

SAN DIEGO, CA – Expect major traffic delays this weekend as a stretch of Friars Road will be closed. The closure is part of an ongoing project in the Mission Valley area. As a result of the Friars Road closure, drivers are expected to find alternative routes for travel.

Moreover, officials from Caltrans are also alerting drivers that Friars Road will be closed in both directions. For 36 hours, the stretch between Ulric Street and Frazee Road will be inaccessible to the public. Particularly from Saturday, Oct. 19, at 5 p.m., to 5 a.m. on Monday, Oct. 21.

Furthermore, drivers are not the only ones who will be impacted by the closure. Bicyclists and pedestrians who live in or frequent the area will be affected by this as well.   

Caltrans officials announced on their Twitter that beginning this Saturday at 5 p.m. all lanes of Friars Road over SR-163 will be closed for construction work. However, the road will reopen in both directions on Monday at 5 a.m.

As stated by Caltrans officials, the closure will also include:

  • Eastbound Friars Rd. to northbound SR-163 on-ramp
  • Northbound SR-163 to Friars Rd. off-ramp
  • Southbound SR-163 to westbound Friars Rd. off-ramp will be OPEN, however the eastbound ramp will be closed.

For additional information and alternative routes, visit or contact Caltrans directly.

Shooting in San Diego Home

Shooting in San Diego Home

SAN DIEGO, CA – A shooting that occurred in the Lemon Grove section of San Diego has left one person wounded. The shooting took place early Monday morning. And, as a result, the man endured a severe injury. However, the victim is projected to make a full recovery. Still, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department will continue to investigate until answers are met.  

Moreover, the shooting took place on Washington Street near Vernier Drive, in a residential neighborhood. According to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, the incident began around 5 a.m.

Furthermore, once deputies arrived at the scene, they discovered a man in his mid-30s who had clearly been shot. In order to get to the victim, deputies had to force open the door to the garage. Additionally, the man suffered a gunshot wound to the leg.

Subsequently, he was rushed to Scripps Mercy Hospital where he underwent surgery. According to SDSO Sgt. Zee Sanchez, the victim’s wound was considered serious.

Moreover, authorities reported that there were other people inside the home at the time of the shooting as well. Particularly, another man, one woman, and a 9-year-old girl. However, they were all reported safe and unharmed, expressed Sanchez.

Despite detectives making a full sweep of the area, still they have not located a suspect, or a weapon.

However, the SDSO is continuing this ongoing investigation by interviewing witnesses who may know something about the shooting.

If you have any information about the shooting, contact the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.

University City Homicide, Roommate In Question

University City Homicide, Roommate In Question

UNIVERSITY CITY, CA – New suspect in question after a man was found dead inside his home Monday. A homicide investigation led by the San Diego Police Department has resulted in the questioning of the roommate.

SDPD Lt. Anthony Dupree confirms a call was made around 6 a.m. to the police about a man who had stopped breathing inside a home on Bothe Avenue near Regents Road.

However, by the time medics arrived, the 56-year-old man was found dead.

It was evident the man suffered from some form of trauma to his upper body region. This incited officers to believe the man might have been murdered. The extent of the trauma is still unclear and has yet to be disclosed.

A 57-year-old woman and her 34-year-old son also shared the home with the man.

Moreover, SDPD officers believe a fight between the victim and the 34-year-old ensued, which may have resulted in a homicide. The son was taken in for questioning.

Several policemen surrounded the outside of the home. Residents of the University City neighborhood were met with shock and confusion.

In disbelief, neighbor Don Hotz expressed his dismay about the incident, “I just arrived back, and I see you know probably ten police officers out here and detectives and a couple people detained, I am saddened by it.”

Additionally, Hotz said the victim spent much of the time inside his home, but when he did see him, he was very kind. Like many residents in the neighborhood, Hotz is devastated that something like this could happen where they live.

Furthermore, lots of different people were seen frequenting the house in recent months said neighbors. At one point, the house was covered in tarps.

Contact the SDPD at (619) 531-2293 or Crime Stoppers at (888) 580-8477 if you have any information.

Officer-involved shooting leaves American man dead

Officer-involved shooting leaves American man dead

SAN DIEGO, California – A U.S. citizen died Monday after a shootout with law enforcement officials. Specifically, the incident occurred at the San Ysidro Port of Entry.

Furthermore, San Diego police officials confirmed the victim was a 23-year-old man. The shootout occurred between the man and U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers.

Officials report that the shootout started when the man failed to stop for an inspection. Additionally, he was a northbound driver.

A CBP spokesperson reported that a man driving a white pickup truck drove up to the inspection point but didn’t stop. Additionally, the spokesperson said this happened right around 7:30 p.m.

The San Diego Police Department, or SDPD, provided further information to reporters at the scene. Specifically, their homicide division investigated the scene. SDPD Homicide stated that, “The suspect began firing a gun out of his vehicle towards the officers, then exited his vehicle and continued firing at the officers. The officers returned fire, striking the suspect.” 

Then, the San Diego Fire-Rescue crew arrived on the scene. They worked with CBP officials to try to treat the suspect for his injuries. Unfortunately, SDPD officials reported that the suspect died at the scene.

Currently, police officials are not identifying the victim. They are waiting to notify his family first. This is standard operating procedure in incidents like these.

Furthermore, the motive for the shooting remains unclear.

An American witness named Zooch Williams was in line on the Mexican side of the border waiting to cross. He said, “We hear ‘pop pop.’ Super gnarly. We are like those were fireworks, and my other buddy was like ‘Those were gunshots, and then we saw all these Border Patrol dudes running and then they were chasing someone.”

Woman Holding Baby Wields Gun at Easter Service

Woman Holding Baby Wields Gun at Easter Service

SAN DIEGO, CA – A few members of the congregation tackled a woman who’d entered a Clairemont church during Easter Sunday carrying a baby and brandishing a gun.

Officials with the San Diego police say the incident occurred around 12 p.m. at 4350 Mt. Everest Blvd. at Tsidkenu Church. The non-denominational church is located on the grounds of Mt. Everest Academy.

San Diego police identified the woman as 31-year-old Anna Conkey. And according to the officers, she walked right into the church with a handgun and a 10-month-old baby. Not long after entering, the woman allegedly went up on the stage and threatened that she was going to blow up the church. Apparently, she emphasized the point by wildly waving the handgun.

One witness recalls, “She was saying craziness about the rapture not being real and everyone going to hell.”

Conkey was taken down by several church members. Luckily, nobody was injured in the incident. Photos taken of the incident reveal police officers hurrying away a young child from the scene.

Later, police determined the gun wasn’t loaded. Moreover, after a careful canvassing of the area, police did not uncover any explosives.

Following the incident, officers took the baby and Conkey’s 5-year-old daughter, who was found at unnamed location, to Child Welfare Services. They were both healthy and uninjured.

This unusual episode occurred as police increased their presence at San Diego churches. Their more active patrolling of churches comes on the heels of the blast in Sri Lanka that killed more than 200. According to police, the measures were taken out of an “abundance of caution.”

Conkey was charged with suspicion of making criminal threats and displaying a handgun in a threatening manner. Currently, she is under medical watch.

Car on Fire! Man and Dog Rescued from Flames

Car on Fire! Man and Dog Rescued from Flames

SAN DIEGO, CA – A San Diego car crash occurred on the Interstate 15, which led to a fiery result this morning. The car crashed into another vehicle in the Kearny Mesa area.

At about 12:45 in the early hours of the morning, some witnesses noticed the vehicle traveling very fast on the freeway.

It was traveling along the southbound side of Interstate 15. One of the people who saw the car traveling down the road believes it may have even gone to, or over, 100 miles per hour.

After the car smashed into the back of another vehicle on the freeway, it came to a stop. Luckily, witnesses, who turned out to be Good Samaritans, came to the driver’s rescue. The car caught fire, but as it started to burn, the Good Samaritans dragged the man, along with his service dog, out of the vehicle.

Emergency personnel arrived shortly after. Firefighters on the scene put out the fire before it spread very far. As a result of the crash and the incident, medical personnel transported the driver to the hospital. However, the public does not know what injuries the man suffered due to the wreck.

But, due to the driver’s actions, police had to investigate the incident. Apparently, police arrested the man. The arrest was made on suspicion of a DUI.

In addition, paramedics took the service dog away from the scene of the fiery crash. It is unclear what might happen to the man after this event, and what may have been involved in causing the crash.  

Truck Rolls in Crash, Kills Escondido Man

Truck Rolls in Crash, Kills Escondido Man

ESCONDIDO, CA – Over the weekend, an Escondido man was killed as a result of an awful crash. According to police, the man was partly ejected from his truck. Then, the truck rolled over him.

This Escondido crash occurred just after 9:30 in the morning on Sunday, March 3rd. And it took place at the intersection of Valley Parkway and Quine Street. This information comes from Lt. Michael Kearney of the Escondido police.

They identified the man driving the truck as a fifty-four-year-old. During the time of the crash, he drove a Toyota Tacoma, going southbound, along Quince Street. This is when he crashed into another driver. The other driver, identified as a forty-one-year-old woman, drove a Mercedez-Benz at the time of the crash. She was heading westbound on Valley Parkway. Luckily, the woman driving this vehicle did not receive any injuries.

With the impact of the crash, the Tacoma rolled multiple times. And, due to the fact that the fifty-four-year-old man did not have a seatbelt on at the time, he was partly ejected from the truck. Therefore, the truck rolled over him as well.

Emergency personnel transported the man to Palomar Medical Center and he died there later on. A female passenger was riding in the truck along with the man. She wore a seatbelt at the time of the crash and only faced minor injuries as a result. However, Escondido Fire Paramedics had to remove her from the vehicle.

While the cause of the crash is unknown at this time, police believe that alcohol may have been involved. The crash is undergoing investigation.

More Rain for San Diego!

More Rain for San Diego!

SAN DIEGO, CA – Although the San Diego rain may seem like it’s coming to an end, this Friday is only a break from the harsh weather. This weekend, experts predict a second more ravenous storm, to hit the region this weekend.

Meteorologist Megan Parry has made her prediction about this weekend’s storm. She expects Friday to be an overall nice day. While some parts of the county may be hit with light rain, others should report mostly dry weather and even some sunshine.

In lighter news, the rain has created an opportunity for some beautiful rainbows.

Parry states that the sporadic showers will continue through Saturday morning. After the morning, the second storm of the week will move in from the north and bring a heavier rainfall.

This Saturday storm will peak in the afternoon and evening hours, but will continue throughout the day.

The county warns of flash floods and flooding in parts of the county.  In particular, the mountain and valley areas are prone to flooding. There are two mountains within the region that the storm will reach. These mountains are Mount Laguna and Palomar Mountain. The snow levels of these mountains are supposed to increase from the regular one inch to 3 inches.

There is also a possibility of a third storm. It may occur on Sunday afternoon. Although it isn’t expected to be as intense as Thursday and Saturday’s storm, it could linger until Tuesday. Only time will tell whether or not the third storm will occur.

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