Computer Glitch Saves Illegal Border Crossing Immigrants


Wednesday afternoon, The Bureau of Prisons was having an issue with their computers. A Nationwide computer crash that has been going on since Tuesday has yet to be resolved until today. Because of the computer crash, about 32 immigrant-related cases were dropped.


All 32 of the immigrants were being charged for illegally crossing the border. However, they got lucky. Because the prison experienced the computer shutdown, they were not able to enter the new inmates into their system. This caused them to miss their court hearings, which led to Judge Barry Moskowitz to approve the dismissal of their cases. Some lawyers believe these cases go beyond a crash in the system. They believe this is all caused by the new law. The new law states that anyone who crosses the border illegally must be taken to prison.


However, defense attorneys insist that the system is not capable of handling too many people all at once.  The number of immigrants crossing the border illegally still remains high in the South. When people are arrested for illegal crossing, usually they can get a court hearing within the same day or the next. However, the system shutdown prevented the inmates to even make it to court. This isn’t the first time San Diego has had an issue with the system.


Even though the 32 immigrants committed a crime by crossing the border illegally, their cases were dropped due to the nationwide computer crash and they were released just a few hours ago.

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