San Diego Scientists Will Recieve Tang Prize for Their Work

Tang prize

Two geniuses from San Diego are getting awarded with the Tang Prize that will give them $1.3 million to share.

Veerabhadran Ramanathan of Scripps Institution of Oceanography and James Hansen of Salk Institute have paired up to make an amazing team of scientists that are making history.

Ramanathan is a UC San Diego scholar who succeeded in his work of understanding how we all impact our planet’s climate in the worst ways possible.

Greenhouse gases have been used way less all over the world thanks to Ramanathan’s work. Although climate change is still a big issue that is unresolved, his work tries to restore or prevent our planet from suffering more damage to the atmosphere.

He was one of the first scientists that generated the U.S. community climate model over 2 decades ago. Right now, he is taking the lead on Project Surya.

The project is set to improve climates in certain areas, mainly rural communities.

He argues that “the worst consequences will be felt by the world’s 3 billion poor people.”

As for his partner, James Hansen used to be a NASA researcher. What he predicted about global warming caused officials to change policies for the safety of our planet.

Hansen was one of the few who created Gleevec, a drug that helps cure cancer. He has put all types of cures on the market.

Ramanathan’s work has also impacted Pope Francis’s opinion on climate change. His recent discovery led him to the theory that there are pollutants other than CO2 that weaken and harm the ozone layer.

In his recent work, he claims that chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) also damage the ozone layer. When the layer gets thinner, our planet cannot protect itself from ultra-violet radiation, which is very dangerous for our health.

Both of them, along with 6 other scientists will be getting four Tang Prizes.

A Tang Prize is an award that was developed by an entrepreneur from Taiwan, Samuel Yin. The prize is given out every 2 years. The purpose of the prize is to award those who create amazing or new developments in human societies and innovations.

Once they receive the prize and the $1.3million, they can continue to expand their work all over the world and have more access to things they need.

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