The City of San Diego Issued an Investigation into the Water Department

San Diego

It’s been a while that NBC 7 Responds has been trying to provide answers on the San Diego city water case. An unusual amount of people have been getting higher bills than they expect, claiming that they have not been using that much water.


The city was informed that there was a malfunction with one of the new smart water meter merchants.


On Monday, Johnnie Perkins, San Diego’s Deputy Chief Operating Officer of Infrastructure and Public Works, was ready to respond about the city’s water bill case.


He was preparing to make a public announcement along with the City’s Independent Rates and Oversight Committee. He promised the people of San Diego that there will be an investigation going on the Public Utilities Department.


According to Perkins, this will be the fourth investigation that will be done on the PUD. Investigators will look into the management routine, internal controls, and monitoring employee errors.


This case has been going on for months now. Residents of San Diego have been getting charged way over what they are supposed to be billed for water that has not been used in their households.


The Public Utilities Department was informed of the malfunction in the smart meters by the manufacturer. The manufacturer informed them that over 36,000 of the smart meters were not working properly.


One of the spokespersons for the Public Utilities Department, Jerry McCormick, responded to this issue yesterday claiming that “The issue did not appear when affected meters were connected to the system,” and also stating that it was “minor.”


NBC 7 Responds did more research into this case and found that over 2,600 San Diegans were affected with higher bills than they were supposed to get.


So, San Diego’s Chief Operating Officer, Kris Michell, also took action yesterday and distributed a “citywide memo” of the new investigation into the city’s water department.


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