Want to Find Yourself in Candy Land ? San Diego County Fair

San Diego County Fair

This year San Diego County Fair had 1.561.236 guests in a wonderful candy land with the theme ‘’How sweet  It Is’’ that lasted for 26 days.

People came to the fair in bright candy colors to match the theme. Vendors offered exclusive ‘’unicorn food’’: cotton candy ice cream sandwiches to colorful kettle corn.

The fair began in 1880. It brought San Diego County farmers together to share ideas, compete for the best pies and citrus fruits, as well as horse races.

No doubt that it was too much fun for attendees. It’s enough to take a look at the numbers.

San Diego International Beer Festival welcomed 6.813, The coast Wine festival-1762, and Cocktail Festival 1.539 attendees at the one-day event.

What a fair without delicious food, right?

Let’s talk about Australian Battered deep-fry Potatoes with ranch dressing or cheese sauce. Yummy!

A fair used 30.000 pounds of bacon in various forms. Just imagine a grilled pineapple soaked in 52 bottles of Fireball Whiskey.

San Diego fair also offered Big Ribs. Biggy’s Meat Market sold about 4.000 pounds of Big Ribs.

You wonder what was the most popular item at the fair this year? Candy Factory’s Unicorn Nitro Popcorn!

Good news for vegetarians. Charlie deep-fried 10.000 pounds of avocados.

The new item for this year –the Sweet Cheeks Bakery and dinner. Attendees loved Whoopee Pies, Cupcake Cones, and Salted Caramel Brownie Truffle Stacks.

A little bit about drinks at the fair. One of the most popular lemonades was the new Sour Green Apple Lemonade.

For chips lovers, Tasti Chips used 70.000 pounds of California – grown potatoes to make their famous chips.

69th Annual Livestock Auction $551.965 for 4H and FFA youth.

Come to join the San Diego County Fair to have fun and to enjoy delicious food!

Overall, is another way to celebrate agriculture and community pride.


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