Triple-Digit Temperatures in San Diego: Weather Service Caution

San Diego Triple -digit temperature

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA-Excessive heat in San Diego breaks the record of triple-digit temperature in some parts of San Diego on Tuesday. The weather in San Diego will be quite extreme this week.

National Weather Service forecasters alerted about an excessive heat in the county. The alert started on Monday from 10 a.m. and should end today at 8 p.m.

According to the forecasters, the extreme heat is expected everywhere, besides coastal areas.

Forecasters said in the Western valleys the expected temperature for today reaches 90s. In Ramona and Alpine, the temperature is going to be higher, reaching 100s.

Only the coastal areas will keep the temperature of low 80s.

In Borrego Springs, the expected high temperature is around 111 degrees.

Forecasters expect the heat to fall slightly on Wednesday thanks to the monsoonal moisture that will return to the region.

The San Diego Weather Service Has Recommendations

The weather service and law enforcement caution that people that work outside should avoid being in the midday sun. It is highly recommended to wear light, loose-fitting clothing and drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration.

The weather service also alerts about the health risks related to the heat and avoid leaving senior citizens and kids at home without air conditioning. There is also a big risk of leaving a child, senior or pet in a parked vehicle, even with open windows.

Well, we can’t fight the heat, but what we can do is to follow the instructions from the weather service. For your own safety and health, stay out off the sun!

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