Immigration: What Will Make a DACA Student Happy?

san diego daca scholarship

When talking about DACA students getting an education, somehow, it feels sad but not now! For students who are admitting to USD School of Law, there is a scholarship for an unauthorized immigrant who came to the U.S. as children.  What can be more exciting for them?

Another thing is that Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals programs protects these immigrants from deportation, but it doesn’t give them an access to federal funding for higher education. However, the current change is on behalf of this kind of people who are in need of an advantage.

In a matter of fact, for many DACA recipients, gathering any amount of money to get a bachelors can be challenging. Don’t’ say about the graduation or professional program. In a recent survey, it is shown that over 21% said they are working on a degree beyond a bachelor’s.

Moreover, if their parents are in the United States, they are not authorized to work, meaning they are often paid low wages, which can be stressful.

Many DACA recipients use the work permits that come with the deferred action program to pay their way through school. USD School of Law scholarship is part of a university-wide program which will offer some support to these kinds of students.


What about the donation?

When the university asked donors to help start a fund for DACA Law Students, San Diego Governor stepped forward which was a big step for the program.


What are the hopes for the program?

The DACA program has an undecided future itself when talking about long-term commitments. However, the Trump Administration moved to end the program last year, fortunately, they are able to renew their permits as they are battling the court over the program’s fate.


The scholarship is available right now, are you interested? Trying it will make your life happier than before.



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