“Go Get It. This Is Your Year”: How San Diego’s Wine Professionals Reached The Peak of Their Industry?

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Osterland, the first American to achieve the title of Master Sommelier in 1973, has been the only wine professional to earn that top credentials for 45 years.

On August 31 the wine educator Lindsay Pomeroy earned a Masters of Wine. Just days after Josh Orr succeeded at the rigorous Master Sommelier exam after five previous attempts. He successfully completed the tasting portion of the three-part process along with the theory and service.

As a result of his hard work, he received a small symbol of a big triumph.

35-year-old Orr works in fine wine sales and education for the distributor. He spent the last two years tasting wines five weeks a day and studying extensively.

The complicated exam compasses three parts that the candidates have to pass over a certain time period. In the case of failure, they have to start from scratch.

‘’ There were people taking the exam for the ninth time. It’s crazy’’, Orr said.

Before the actual exam, Orr received a text of encouragement from Osterland.

‘’Go get it. This is your year’’, said Orr.

Osterland praised Orr and Pomeroy. Their Masters of Wine final required the completion of a Ph.D.-like research paper. He said both of them worked extremely hard.

Having an MS guarantees the way for any number of high-paying career opportunities. Only 272 people worldwide have followed in Osterland’s footsteps.

The whole wine word is comfortable set up in New York City. Unfortunately, there are no too many good paying jobs in the San Diego wine industry.

Orr finally got fortunate enough to buy a house in San Marcos six months ago, where he lives with his wife and 3-year-old son.

“Take it in. Enjoy it-you will be a Master Sommelier for the rest of life, you’ve got time to figure it out’’

He is proud to follow the advice of his father and father-in-law.

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