The Highest Poverty Rate is in San Diego County: Report Indicates The Numbers

San Diego poverty rate

San Diego, California— Due to inflation San Diegans are working more, but the money isn’t going as far as it used to.

This is said in the U.S. Census Bureau report.

From 2016 more people per household worked in San Diego. That contributed to the average household income increase for five percent in 2017.

The chart shows how the earnings dropped for the third year in a row. San Diego’s poverty rate remains well above the U.S. at more than 13 percent.

Due to the fact that more family members are working, the households in San Diego have a higher income. This is according to research Director Peter Brownell.

He said this is still a good news. But the wages are still lower than before the inflation.

The research shows that more and more people over 65 are still working in San Diego. They do not retire as they are supposed to.

According to the report of the bureau, one out of five seniors worked in 2017, in San Diego.

The highest poverty rate was spotted in El Cajon, San Diego County. It makes an alarming 21 percent.


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