5 Million Visitors at San Diego Zoo: Donation Call For Endangered Animals

San Diego zoo

San Diego, California – San Diego zoo is famous not only among city residents. Tourists, especially animal lovers visit San Diego Zoo every day over the last 100 years.

The Zoo records show that annually 5 million people visit Balboa Park and sister property The San Diego Zoo Safari Park in Escondido.

San Diego Zoo gained national attention on ‘’The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson’’, where wild and exotic animals were introduced. The show definitely tuned San Diego Zoo into the ‘’world famous’’ zoo.

Last summer the exhibition called ‘’ Africa rock’’ and costing $68 million replaced ‘’ Dog and Cat Canyon’’. It took eight acres and is considered the zoo’s largest construction project ever.

The exhibition called ‘’Africa rock’’ shifts the focus of the zoo to the conservancy. Nowadays if you visit San Diego zoo you will see the difference.

Nowadays San Diego Zoo Global has a mission to ‘’save species worldwide’’. The organization called San Diego Zoo Global is a nonprofit organization that operates the zoo itself and the Safari park.

The Safari Park is where six rescued rhinos are. The place is known as The Rhino Rescue Center. This is the only program and the last hope to save the northern white rhino. San Diego Zoo Global have been taking actions to save rhinos for 40 years.

The center has had 97 southern white rhinos born, 15 black ones born at the Safari park.

Two artificially inseminated rhinos are expecting babies.

Any donation for wild animals’ conservation is appreciated.

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