Woman With a Purple Wig Arrested For The Death of Store Owner

San Diego woman arrested

San Diego, California – A woman wearing a purple wig was noticed at the scene of a deadly incident, which happened at a downtown San Diego business. A few days later, authorities arrested her on suspicion of being a part of the incident.

San Diego police identified the woman as Lorena Del Carmen Espinoza, 34.

She is guilty of the alleged role in the death of the owner of Bottom Price Flooring on G Street. The 49-year–old Ghedeer ‘’Tony’’ Radda is the victim.

The Purple Wig Wearing Woman Is Not the Only Suspect

51-year old Kevin Eugene Cartwright is another suspect of the crime. Authorities arrested Cartwright on October 17.

Police found a victim nonresponsive inside the store by the customer at about 3:42 p.m., on October 10.

Despite of the efforts of emergency responders to save his life, he was pronounced dead a few minutes later.

As police said, Radda had serious trauma to his upper body.  The cameras spotted two people in disguises at the business. One of them had a granny mask on, the other one a female donning a purple wig.

The investigation is still underway. As detectives found out Cartwright was once a customer of Radda.

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