A Sweet End to 2018 – Best San Diego Desserts

San Diego dessert

Calling all sweet-tooths! We are saying goodbye to 2018 and taking a look back at some of the best San Diego desserts of the year. How many new restaurants did you check out this year? Not only are there great meals to be had throughout the San Diego area, there are great desserts as well. And, perhaps you want to bring that sweetness into your 2019. Check out these restaurants’ delicious creations in the upcoming weeks!

One of the best desserts is the Warm Chocolate Brownie at the Bankers Hill Bar + Restaurant. The dessert is topped with espresso-Baily’s ice cream. But, wait – there’s more. Pretzel crumbles are sprinkled on top of that. And as the chef who put this together, Tyler Nollenberger, says: “When you’re 10 years old, what’s better than a brownie and ice cream?” And his decision to add the Bailey’s? He says: “Well, that appeals to my adult side.”

Unique and Colorful

Another great, but different, dessert from this year was the Green apple cotton candy. You can find this at Pisco Rotisserie & Cevicheria. It is exactly what you expect it to be – a towering plate of green-colored cotton candy. It is fun, light, and perfect for that nostalgic hat-tip toward your childhood. And, the kids of today are sure to love it, too!

Adding to the colorful (and unique) array of San Diego desserts is the Lemon at 1500 Ocean. What is it? Literally, a lemon – the upscale restaurant wanted to showcase a fun, yet classy, dessert.  Inside the lemon is poached Meyer lemon pieces, tropical finger lime, chocolate mint, and a yuzu-spiked chocolate. That center is frozen and then coated with white chocolate, yellow coloring, and a little spray of gold dust.

Other Forbidden Fruits

Another great one to try is the Pear soufflé at Herb & Wood. While it is not always pear, the soufflé is Adrian Mendoza, the Executive Pastry Chef’s, specialty. The flavors will rotate seasonally. But, it takes a high level of skill to create the perfect souffle. As Mendoza stated: “If you underwhip, it won’t rise as high, but if you overwhip, the souffle will rise tall and then deflate within seconds. If it is whipped just right, the soufflé has a three-to-five minute window before it starts descending.” Clearly, he’s mastered the technique.

One more to add to your list? The Passionfruit butter cake at Red O. Butter – the not-so-secret ingredient to many things sweet. It is the main attraction of this one. They serve this buttery concoction with passion fruit custard, strawberries, coconut crumble, and coconut ice cream. The tanginess of the fruit tones down the sweetness of the cake, creating a perfect balance.

While there are many other restaurants and desserts that also did well this year, these are some of the best ones! So, if you want to try something sweet to ring in 2019, check out some of these best San Diego desserts. Your taste buds will thank you for it!

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