Three Teens Tortured and Killed.

Tortured San Diego Teens

SAN DIEGO, CA – Finally, police arrested three men for the November killing of three tortured teens. Unfortunately, police discovered the three teenagers murdered in a Tijuana apartment on November 25, 2018.

The discovery of these three teens in the Loma Verdes neighborhood was a shock with no discernable motive. The General Attorney’s office announced that the men assaulted the three kids for up to two hours before they killed them. Apparently, these men entered the apartment without warning. It is unknown why the group targeted these particular teens. It is most likely that these men tortured the teens separately and killed them together.

The three teens included Alexis Gomez, Juan Suarez Ojeda, and Angel Said Robles. Alexis Gomez was seventeen and a high school senior at O’Farrell Charter School in San Diego. Also located in San Diego, Juan Suarez Odeja, eighteen, had just graduated Ingenuity Charter School. Finally, Angel Said Robles was a seventeen-year-old Mexican native in high school in Tijuana.

Gomez and Odeja, both attended the nearby charter schools since sixth-grade. Consequently, their schools created a GoFundMe page to help the families afford the costs of funeral arrangements. Both San Diego teens had plans for after their future.

The men who committed this brutal murder consisted of Fabricio, Esteban Manuel, and Alejandro. As of yet, not all information has been released to the public.

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