Backup Light Switch Repairs. How Much Will This Cost You?

Backup Light Switch

Backup light switch repair costs depend on whether you have an automatic or manual transmission.

If your transmission is a stick shift, the issue can be fixed with a simple backup light switch. The average cost for one of these is approximately $40. It is an extremely easy part to replace and anyone with basic problem-solving skills can fix this in less than a half-hour!

Backup Light Switch

A vehicle that has an automatic transmission is where we have the increase in cost from your mechanic. The switch is still an easy fix! It simply bolts to the outside of the transmission, unfortunately on automatics, the backup switch is connected to the neutral safety switch. This is meant to act as a safety mechanism in order prevent the driver from starting their vehicle outside of park and neutral. The entire mechanism needs to be replaced.

One major issue to watch out for (which can save you time and money) is to simply check the wiring of the switch. Imagine how abhorrent it would be if you replace the whole thing only to find that a mouse chewed through your wiring? Going through all that work would not be in your best interest.

If your wiring is still intact and in good shape, then the ultimate answer falls back to replacing the switch. We can help you find the right products.

Shopping for a New Backup Light Switch

Viewing the cost for a new neutral safety switch can send your heart into your throat. An extra hospital bill isn’t something you want tacked on. Its better to keep it used. With many parts, chances are, a used one will keep you going for far longer than you expect!

It’s easy to find them online or at your local junkyard. With a keen eye, you’ll be able to snag one for far less.

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