Tiny Home: Bring Your Home With You

tiny home

A Tiny Home might be the perfect fit for your traveling needs. Millennials witnessed the housing boom just before many graduated from college. Thus the idea of building your own, personal-sized house has caught the eye of many who will not be purchasing a house in the near future. Another advantage is that you can take it with you!

Tiny Homes Provide Freedom

Many people are looking for alternatives to the housing market. Thus, tiny homes have sprung up like crazy. The idea of traveling the country and having your base of operations is a plus! Many are choosing this alternative lifestyle and there are many other options for small living.

A Full Functioning Home That Goes With You

there are a lot of options for people to work remotely. With the advent of the internet, many online retailers and bloggers are switching to tiny homes. Why spend absurd amounts of money on a space roughly equal in size? Also, why spend that money if the neighborhood is bad? Hate winter? Pick up and leave! Its that simple.

The Cost Of Building Outweighs the Cost of Any Other Option

The average cost for a tiny home is approximately $10,000. This provides everything from a kitchen, bathroom, and eating area. You can build one without the kitchen sink and it will only save you. If you want a higher-end model, you can build one, but it will cost more. The amount of money you would save in a year’s worth of low-end rent will still come out to less if you build a tiny home.

More Space Than Van-Life

While others have converted school buses to their new homes, many have chosen to convert sprinter vans as well. These provide adequate traveling accommodations but do not necessarily provide a liveable house. Having a tiny home gives you all the amenities of a house with ease. In some situations, it is actually cheaper to build a tony home than it is to convert a school bus. Plumbing, heating and living space are all factors in why many choose a tiny home over converting a van or school bus.

Build The Home That You Want

If you don’t want your family to think you’re living in a van down by the river, then a tiny home is definitely the right option. You can officially say that you are a home-owner at the Thanksgiving table instead of saying that you live in a school bus. You can build your house in any way that you would like. From a traditional colonial style home to a modern home style, you can have the house of your dreams without breaking the bank.

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