Road Rage: How To Avoid It

Road Rage

Road rage is something everyone deals with. While on the road, it is easy to find yourself “white-knuckled” on the steering wheel. This can cause major problems with traffic and other drivers. If you lash out, you could face severe penalties, get into a fistfight in the street, or worse. Take these steps to help your driving etiquette improve under tough circumstances.

Get Rest

Do you have to deal with the typical American morning commute? Do you work 14 miles away from your office, but it takes you 45 minutes to get there? Well, a good night’s sleep is a key principle for feeling relaxed on your way to work. Having a full night will make you feel much better and focused. Don’t just rely on coffee to get you where you need to go. Mistakes can happen when you aren’t fully rested, so make sure you get at least 8 hours.

Plan Ahead for Potential Road Rage

There are plenty of driving apps that can give you a live update on traffic conditions. Apps like Waze and Google Maps can help you plan out your commute. Is traffic heavier than usual? Simply select another route. If there are no other routes that are faster, and you have to sit in traffic, then you have to leave earlier. At least you know you have other options.

Listen to Less Aggressive Music

When I first moved to California from New Hampshire, I wasn’t ready for some of the worst traffic in the country and it definitely took some getting used to. I found my frustration and stress were drastically reduced once I changed my commute playlist. Instead of blasting heavy metal, I switched to Italian opera. I enjoy sitting in traffic knowing that I get to blast Andrea Bocelli.

Road Rage: Laugh It Off

Another major downplay for road rage is simply laughing it off. I was cut off by someone on my way home from work one day and as I went around him, I noticed the driver was literally shaving. Needless to say, I was pretty amused and impressed. Can you shave while driving? I can’t. I wonder how good of a job that guy did while stuck in San Diego Traffic.

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