AI Trucking: Not Any Time Soon

AI trucking

AI trucking has been on the minds of countless businesses and commercial trucking companies. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it will be here anytime soon. With the rise of self-driving vehicles, from Taxi services to actual robots, the thought comes to mind within the trucking industry “when will we turn to full automation?” the answer is that artificial drivers won’t be here for a while.

AI Hasn’t Caught On With Taxi’s Yet

With Google, Uber, Lyft and many others developing new technologies for self-driving cars, each step they take, they seem to have a new list of problems. How does one actually program a driverless car to make the exact and most effective decisions in case of the infinite amount of potential risks and accidents? The answer comes from the Bayesian algorithm. This algorithm is a self-learning system that can be thrown into any computing function. Over time, it will learn its job and predict more effective and optimized solutions. Unfortunately, there are a few stages that AI has to “evolve” in order to be trusted on the road by itself. If it can’t do this for simple city driving, then how can it do this for hauling long heavy cargo across the country?

AI Trucking Won’t Solve the Current Trucking Crisis

The trucking crisis has affected almost every business across the US. With thousands of businesses going under and many large scale businesses reeling back on employment, many have seen AI trucking as a possible savior, unfortunately, this won’t be the case over the next 10 years. This means that sitting idly and hoping for it to just be automated isn’t going to help your business continue to grow in the slightest.

New Avenues for Employment Benefits Have Sprung Up Due to the Crisis

With the trucking crisis in full swing, there have been many looking to fill the increasingly empty roles in many avenues. One major increase is the amount of women truckers across the United States that have opted for better pay and benefits. Many women are moving into the trucking industry because it offers a better living and salary than other positions as well as it offers the freedom to move across the country. We now have an increase in righteous, hard-core trucking women and I don’t see one person complaining about that.

The Safety Issues Without A Driver

The technology just isn’t there yet. It won’t be unless some new big thing comes out to completely replace the improvements that have been made on traditional AI methods. These won’t be able to process the learning power for large scale trucking for another decade or even longer.

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