Voting Available Early For Democratic Primary


Beginning Monday, February 3, Californians can begin voting early for the March 3 Democratic primary. County polling places open for voters to submit their ballots during business hours, and some weekend hours.

Specifically, the County Registrar of Voters located at 5600 Overland Ave opens for San Diegans to come cast their ballots. From now until the March 3 deadline, voters may take advantage of early voting services from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. Additionally, Saturday, February 29, as well as Sunday, March 1, the office maintains the same hours for those unable to vote during weekday business hours.

However, many voters plan to send their ballots via the postal service. Over 1.3 million mailed ballots went out yesterday and should arrive before Friday.

Mail-in voters receive an extra bonus this year, not included in years past: an “I Voted” sticker. Now mail-in voters can join in the fun of proclaiming their participation in the country’s oldest democratic tradition.

Officials anticipate this year’s turnout exceeding that of previous primaries. Because the field remains so contested, supporters of each candidate feel the necessity to cast their votes. In an election year many consider pivotal for the country’s future, every election merits close attention.

Primary Voting Off to Rocky Start

While California’s primary voting began this week, the state of Iowa held its caucuses Monday night, as well. In what trackers expected to be a close tally, results remain at arm’s length. The voting system employed by the Democratic National Committee contained a bug in its coding preventing full transmission of data.

Now, the Democratic Party faces a debacle while officials begin a manual count, supplanting the technology’s reporting. The app, a phone-based method for precincts to report their numbers, originally drew frustration for users’ inability to properly use it.

Now, the snafu draws criticism across the political spectrum as the influential first primary state’s results face at least a 24-hour delay.

While California’s primary historically takes a long time to tally, no such voting system will count the most populous state’s votes this year.

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