San Diego Zoo Offers Live Webcams

san diego zoo

With stay at home orders keeping most of the country – indeed, much of the globe – indoors, entertainment via the internet keeps us connected. Artists livestream concerts from their living rooms and TikTok challenges make 15 minute celebrities out of anyone. Now, the San Diego Zoo gets in on the action.

Since the animals still require care through the outbreak, workers continue to provide it. So, while the zoo still functions much the way it always does, there just aren’t people around to observe the animals. Instead, staff installed cameras at each of the most popular exhibits. Those cameras stream directly to the San Diego Zoo website.

Because of their efforts, you can still visit your favorite animals digitally.

12 different streams capture baboons, polar bears, penguins, and more as they continue their regular routines. They even provide a livecam of the butterfly exhibit.

The high quality livestreams, some of which feature corporate sponsorships, provide a front row seat to the exhibits from your living room couch.

San Diego Zoo Offers Free Classes For Children

In addition to the livestreams, staff at the zoo scheduled activities for children. They call it Virtual Mission: Spring Break. The San Diego Zoo offers a list of 101 things for kids to do, in addition to live talks and an augmented reality app allowing children to dance with a kangaroo.

The live talks involve chats about some of the animals at the zoo with experts that join the animal. The zoo hosts the chats on their Facebook page, along with other videos and clips. Among them, a mock reality show involving penguins called “Penguin Beach” chronicles the drama of the flightless birds.

More content is available on their YouTube channel, as well. Kids and adults alike have the opportunity to escape the doldrums of their quarantine by taking advantage of the San Diego Zoo’s various channels.

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