Campgrounds Struggle For Memorial Day


Campgrounds have taken a massive hit due to COVID-19. With Summer fast approaching, many do not feel they will not book the necessary amount to stay open.

With so many people staying-in and hunkering down, many are not finding there way into vacations. From empty movies theaters to Seaport Village, the current stay-in-place order and the pandemic have stunted industries that rely on large public gatherings.

In places like Campland on the Bay, they have not received the same amount of reservations as the 2019 year. Due to the global pandemic, the campground hasn’t received nearly half of what they had received from the previous year.

With memorial day less than a week away, Campland typically sees 100% capacity for the weekend. This has inherently been a drastic blow to major industries such as camping and entertainment.

Campgrounds Stay Open To Help Fight COVID-19

With so many looking to use their space for travelers and campers, other grounds have used their resources to help one of Americas most hard-hit industries: Trucking.

COVID-19 has left many public rest areas closed. On top of that, workers are driving around the clock to deliver essential items to small towns and big cities. Some of these drivers head straight into the fire when it comes to delivering the right products.

For many local campgrounds, they have opened their doors to those who need it desperately, providing showers, running water, and a place to rest while drivers face overextended hours, pay cuts, and limited safety gear.

While some campgrounds look forward to providing tourists a more secluded camping experience, they have also found that many travelers are looking for safe places to stay the night and continue on their way the next day.

For some, this means business will be slow this year, for others, it means they are helping those in need.

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