VW ID Buzz: Reinventing Tradition

The ID Buzz is the re-imagining of one of the most iconic vehicles ever. The VW Microbus was a symbol of the 60s counter-culture. Its revolutionary design is still a sharp contrast to anything on the road. Well, now the folks at Volkswagen have dusted off the concept book to bring back a classic.

The ID Buzz Is The All-Electric Car of Our Dreams

Featuring a sleek and stylish redesign was the first part of bringing the van back from the dead. The second was creating something revolutionary. With an all-electric motor, the bus stays true to the symbol it helped to create over 70 years ago.

From Veggie To Electricity

One of the biggest reason why so many people loved the VW Microbus was the ability to transport people. Not only that, but due to alternative culture popping up in America, being able to convert the diesel engine to burn vegetable oil meant that it could do it cheaply.

Hippies following the Grateful Dead would be able to travel around the country for little to not cost as long as they didn’t get caught raiding restaurant grease traps.

Now, with a fully-electric motor, the new VW can go 600- miles per charge. The bus also comes with removable seats for increase storage and the ability to lay the back seats flat for sleeping space. This is the perfect self-sufficient vehicle for the modern era.

The IS Buzz has a lot of strong points, but to say this prior to its release would be jumping the gun. For Germany, the bus is scheduled for release sometime in 2022. For the American market, the future is further out than expected.

As For the cost, estimates are showing the VW Buzz coming in starting at 40K with packages that can add to the purchase of it.

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