Video of San Diego Barista Asking Woman to Wear Mask Goes Viral


San Diego, CA – A Barista who turned down a customer for not wearing a mask is receiving massive support from the community.

A video of the customer went viral on Monday and currently has over 80,000 views. The video is from the customer’s perspective where she appears to not be very happy with being denied entry without having a mask. After publishing the video, massive support for the workers was seen flooding the comments section.

Coworkers took the side of the server stating:

“This is a minimum wage job he is trying to get through his day,” said former Starbucks partner Courtney White.

As of Tuesday night, the comments section soared to over 122,000 comments – the majority in support for the barista.

A Kickstarter Is Raising Money for the San Diego Barista

Upon seeing the viral video, one person believes that the unfortunate attempt to publicly shame the employee should be recognized further.

Yesterday, the Kickstarter raised over $8,000 worth of tips for the employee.

In a video, the employee had been thankful of the support.

“Social Distancing Karen” Is a New Trend

Since the start of the pandemic, many show opposition to wearing a mask. They continue to protest wearing a piece of cloth over their mouths to protect others.

Viral videos are popping up in a (pretty pathetic) attempt to create outrage over being cautious. From denial of entry into stores without proper safety to calling the cops, many “Social Distancing Karen’s” have opted to create more of a problem than simply wearing a mask.

The other option for many patrons is to use the drive-through. The drive-through offers a substantial level of protection for social distancing. And, of course, it allows people to stay in their car or truck while they order.

Still, people find it necessary to attempt to spark outrage over not wanting to wear a mask. People are finding their ways into the media by acting like children.

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