Volkswagen Trademarks New EV Names

Germany – Volkswagen has recently trademarked a few names for their new EV line. On top of that, they are looking to revamp their classic cars with new EV technology.

From the iconic Beetle to the Redesign of the VW Microbus – the company is looking at a fresh approach for a classic concept.

Recently the trademark office got its first look at the names for their new line. One of the major factors to indicate Volkswagen as an electric powerhouse is the introduction of a lowercase “e” inserted before the name.

One of the major reveals was the unusual name “e-Samba”. While classic titles such as the “Beetle”, and “Golf”, are making headlines. The “e-Samba” has many to believe the redesigned Microbus or “I.D Buzz” will see fit.

Volkswagen releases I.D. Buzz Under “e-Samba”

The Microbus has an extensive history. From the early days of the 60’s it was utilized as a convoy vehicle for wanderings 20-somethings in pursuit of expanding their minds through love and music. Through later eras its design ran straight into the ground. Now, with the new fully electric convoy/camper, many will see their old dreams come to life in an electric fashion.

The VW Bus is also known for having a bio diesel following. Many early experimenters found out that old diesel engines could run vegetable oil. This led a fuel revolution. Even to this day, you can still find folks rummaging through restaurant grease pits for fuel.

Well, with the new release of the I.D. Buzz or the “e-Samba” the need for your car to smell like french-fries to get anywhere is over. Now, you just need to hook your Microbus up to the charging station, wait till its full and you’re on your way!

The new name is fitting. With many Californians looking to pick up this car upon release, the starting place is perfect for the state.

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