City Parks Are Opening For Service and Excercise

city parks

San Diego, CA – City parks are starting to open themselves up to the public once more. Although COVID-19 still remains a preventable threat, the community is coming together to worship and exercise.

Throughout the country, many small businesses are closing their doors. More specifically – fitness centers and churches. While both typically cater to large gatherings, they are being left out in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

Now, they are able to gather in public places. With churches holding service to those of worship the city is answering a desperate call to those people.

“I’m just glad that I am able to observe God the way my rights are intended to,” says local church-goer David Letty. “I understand not being inside with the level of people who attend, but to cut service out completely is uncalled for. I’m glad I can still observe the light of God without interference. I think it’s a great idea to have service outside – that way I get to see all the miracles that my lord provides for me.”

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer signed an executive order to help relieve some of the troubles that many are facing.

This order comes amid progressive improvements to the city’s COVID-19 results. With 38,000 current cases and 660 deaths, the city is able to move forward with the reopening.

City Parks Aren’t The Only Areas To Reopen

This is also leading to a 14-day trial period which would reopen schools for grades k-12. Each district has the opportunity to decide for themselves. Some districts may have more incentive to be worried than others The ones that have been least affected have the ability to send children back to school with the proper safety precautions.

“That doesn’t mean we’ll be able to open everything all at once,” says County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher. “We must be mindful. We don’t want to undo the progress we’ve made so far.”

Throughout the rest of the state, COVID-19 cases are still too high for reopening. San Diego is currently doing a great job, but reopening quickly could undo consistent progress.

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