Restoration Vacation: 5 Cars Want Your Love


To undergo restoration for any model car is a large undertaking. It takes time, commitment and skills to bring a former king of the road back to it’s glory days. This is no easy task but sometimes finishing challenges rewards! You have to be willing to risk it all to win it all, true. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself! We’ve got some suggestions for cars that will be an easy fix if you find them nearly nixed, life-wise. Happy tinkering!

1968 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

A rough but road-worthy restoration in the making, the Camaro is the classic bad boy of mechanics. Power steering, vinyl interior and a 302 V8 engine await you inside the bulk of this beast. But be warned! This car’s 4-speed manual stick shift is not for the faint of heart. The Z28 model was introduced by Vince Piggins who wanted to adapt the Camaro line to be “virtually race-ready.” Who wouldn’t want to bring this monster back to life?

1969 Mustang Mach 1

Certainly, Ford’s Mustang everyman type of vehicle has variations by grease monkeys with turn-key ignitions and nice paint jobs. It was a benchmark year for the American company and certainly for the Mach 1. It had it’s humble beginnings, street wise with a V8-powered “sportsroof” body. (A sensation then, a given now.) A higlight of this standard sports car was the turn-signal lights installed in the back of the hood. The “shaker hood” was an air scoop that mounted the motor with all the bravado of a Buick but none of the fat. It’s worth a spin, needless to say.

1972 Pontiac GTO

A smooth bulk of metal, the GTO had a street credibility of being bright, loud and proud. Even if the spoiler spoiled nothing for the hungry auto-enthusiast. There’s still high praise for the flashy roar of the Ram Air IV engine. It’s uproarious enough to upset a mountain! Out of all the cars listed here as “fun” for restoration, the GTO is arguably a little more difficult. Mainly because collector vehicle values have turned to lower-cost offerings. Don’t blame the players. Blame the game. That’s just how they get their kicks on Route 66.

1967 Mercury Cougar

Under the hood, this Cougar has all the attributes of a certain horse power. Making it smooth move to find any parts for the mechanical and electrical doohickeys. It’s not totally unheard of to restore the early Cougar. Body panels like it’s own have been made for ages beforehand. There are also a bunch of interiors made for this purveyor of peace. This will get you some demand even from Mercury themselves. Very much a darling of the restoration Reddits you might follow.

1955 De Soto Fireflite Hemi

As gangster as this Hemi may be, this car is most notorious for it’s affordability. It’s so buyable, it’s a crime! And sure, maybe it doesn’t have the same KA-POW as it’s brother, the 426 Hemi. But it’s still got a purr that will startle a dinosaur. Doesn’t that count for anything? Keep in mind, this is the oldest model we’ve listed so far. You might just have to search for swapped body and trim parts if at all applicable. Good news? It’s very easy to restore. Just an itch to find out how and with what.

For more on restoration preparation, check out this guide from CarsDirect.

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