Awaken Church Holds Services Despite Outbreak, Health Order

Awaken Church Defying the Public Health Advisory

The Awaken Church got a public health advisory in San Diego after a COVID-19 outbreak. Moreover, services took place at the church on Sunday, November 29th, at the Balboa Avenue location. This was despite the warning from the San Diego County Public Health Department.

Now, San Diego County is still under the purple tier coronavirus restrictions. The health officials said there’s been an outbreak at the church as a result members are at risk of contracting and spreading the COVID-19 virus.   

Church Members Worshipping Together

On Saturday, November 29th, the County of San Diego issued a public health advisory for the church, but that didn’t deter the church’s members from worshipping together on Sunday, November 30th. This service was also available online.

Three Churchgoers Contracted the Corona Virus

Three people have contracted Corona Virus. As a result, health officials asked anyone who attended services there between November 15 and November 22 to quarantine for 14 days after their last date of exposure.

Awaken Church Took a Rare Step to Ask Congregation Members to Take Measures to Stop the Virus

Health officials said they took this unusual step at Awaken Church. This is because they were not able to identify and notify everyone that got exposed to COVID-19. Also, it seems that they were able to ensure proper measures to stop the virus from spreading.

God will Provide Deliverance from COVID-19

“I know we’re in a season of COVID and masks and restrictions and threats and cease and desists orders and crazy election results. Still, God wants you to know I am the champion of this world. You stay with me [then] you’re invincible. You’re unstoppable. So, let’s pray,” one of the church’s staff members said during the live-streamed service at the Awaken Church on Sunday morning.

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