Convention Center Shelter Funded through January 2021

The Convention Center in San Diego will shelter the homeless through at least the first month of 2021. San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria made this statement.

Convention Center Costs for Shelter Operations

Providing funding using money from shelter operations in November and December, Gloria said he’s directing staff to do this. That is if it wasn’t spent because of cost-cutting measures and other factors, as well as a state grant for funding homeless-related services.

Helping the Homeless During Pandemic

Gloria said he wants to protect its homeless neighbors from COVID-19 while keeping a spotlight on connecting them to longer-term housing. Furthermore, a temporary extension for this shelter will allow us to serve the biggest number of people in need. This includes daily health screenings and other COVID-19 protections.

Hope for More Funding though March

Gloria added that he’s proposing the city to put through more funding through March 2021, with plans to continue helping those at the shelter transition into permanent housing or into another shelter by that time.

Through January, these financial plans will have a discussion with the City Council.

Convention Center Served Almost 900 People and Nearly 50 Families

In April, the city’s downtown convention center shelter helped hundreds of people that were experiencing homelessness. This took place as the COVID-19 pandemic begin. The city said that’s Operation Shelter to Home program has helped more than 870 people and 45 families. The goal was to find a permanent or longer-term housing solution. In addition, more than 200 others in the process of finding housing.

Move people experiencing homelessness into one location. This is part of the program’s goal. They could also capably space out and centralize the staff from many city shelters during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Positive COVID-19 Tests

This month, the shelter has seen an increase in positive COVID-19 tests. These virus cases have gone up across the county and state. More than 11,200 Corona Virus got this test at the shelter for residents and staff. A total of 190 positive tests are apparent at the shelter. This includes 170 residents and 20 volunteers or staff members. This according to the city.

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