Plans on Homelessness, Climate Change, and Equity in the Speech Given

Plans to take decisive action on homelessness, climate change and social equity is on the agenda of the new San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria. This will take place during Todd’s first year in office. But, he cautions, the city is in a “fragile” state because of the COVID-19 pandemic and financial problems.

Plans on Issues Facing San Diego

The State of the City was used by Gloria on Wednesday to address what makes San Diegans aware of the challenges. These include what they face and his plans to address them. This is what he described as more substantive and proven solutions than the predecessor Kevin Faulconer.

San Diego has Other Priorities to Deal With

The new mayor also laid out several other priorities, including law enforcement reform, including decreasing the city’s digital divide, moving up on creating more housing affordability, and providing aid to businesses and residents most have dealt with the pandemic.

Plans to Transform the Look of the City

Moreover, transforming the look of the city in many places was a promise by Gloria. Therefore, he described creating new pedestrian promenades in downtown and Hillcrest, and helping guide “across the finish line” big projects like a Mission Valley river park. Moreover, they connect the trolley to the airport and redeveloping the sports arena area.

Plans to Getting People off the Streets

Gloria is hiring former Obama administration expert Matthew Doherty on the issue of homelessness. This is to make sure San Diego is spending its resources on proven solutions that get people off the streets. However, it will help the city move toward ending the chronic problem.

Changing the Policy for Dealing with Homelessness

There are plans, according to the new mayor, to help seek assistance from the county to shift the “first point of contact” for homeless people from police officers to mental health counselors.

In our canyons and on our beaches to provide on-the-spot assistance, we need medical professionals out on our streets, he said. We must change the status quo on homelessness, let me be clear.

No Shortcuts to Ending Homelessness

Therefore, Gloria has admitted the problem can’t be quickly or easily solved.

In fact, there are no shortcuts to ending homelessness, he said. It will take steadfast, unrelenting tenacity instead. We will deliberately carry them out through proven strategies.

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