America’s Finest City Gas Prices are Spiking and can go Higher

America’s Finest City gas prices are reported across the county are on the rise. They are currently at $3.49 a gallon here. Also at $3.69 there. In fact, they have been spotted even higher at other gas stations around the town.

America’s Finest City: Gas Prices are a Straight Up Rip Off

“Right now, everything in San Diego is going so high now. It’s just killing us with the rising gas prices,” said local resident Richard Benoit.

Gas prices in San Diego county have gone up 31 of the past 32 days according to the Automobile Club of Southern California. Now, the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas in San Diego is now $3.60. In fact, that is up to seven cents from a week ago. Moreover, it’s also up 25 cents per gallon from a month ago at this time,” said spokesman Doug Shupe.

More Cars on the Road are Making the Demand go Upward

Fueling the spike is related to several things, according to Shupe. This includes more cars on the road, therefore pushing up the demand. Moreover, there are a lot of people who are actually driving a little more now. This is occurring especially with recent restrictions loosening up. In addition, to the stay-at-home order which is loosening up a little bit here in Southern California.”

The cold weather in other parts of the country is not helping in that it’s unusual. This is also shutting down gas stations but refineries as well.

Severe Winter Weather Through the Midwest

“Offline, one third of U.S. crude oil production because of grave winter weather that we saw. This is just not in Texas. Moreover, but in many parts of the Midwest,” Shupe added.

America’s Finest City: Fuel Sent Across State Lines Helps People

Shupe said California doesn’t just get gas from Texas, yet Arizona does. As a result, we’ve been sending some of our fuel across the state line to help our neighbors. Moreover, while San Diegans want to help others, times are tough, here as well.


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