Canoo Truck Showing What The Electric Pickup Can Really Do.


Canoo is an electric vehicle startup that certainly is getting creative with their pickup trucks. The vehicle itself has a cab-forward design placing the driver over the front wheels entirely. The Canoo has a flat front like a van does. There’s also way more room for cargo bed space without making the truck any larger. The Canoo truck is also 184 inches. Which is only a little bit longer than any Toyota Corolla. Not to mention it happens to be way shorter than the Tesla Cybertruck. The bed itself is about six inches shorter. The Canoo also has a cargo bed that can just slide out, with two feet in length to boot. The Canoo also has a snub-nosed body shape that is similar to trucks from the 1950s and 1960s.

When other similar models come to mind, we’re likely to think of the General Motors’ Corvair pickup, the Volkswagen Type 2 pickup or the Jeep Forward Control truck. Without the engine taking up so much space, there happens to be more space inside the truck, without the cargo bed. There’s also additional storage for the front undeneath the cab. The door happens to be able to fold down from the front with a capability as a work table. Similar to how people would usually use pickup tailgates.

Canoo and their pickup also are able to fold down the sides of the cargo bed for even simpler access.

The doors themselves can be usable as workbenches. Canoo is thinking the truck will make for upwards of 600 horsepower, while also giving off 550 pound feet of torque from two electric motors, which tends to be way more than a V8 Ford F-150. Canoo still plans to develop a joint effort for a new engineering platform alongside Hyundai Motor Company. Canoo has just recently gone through an SPAC merging. Which is rather fortunate for them.

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