Hands-Free Approach May Just Put Ford Mustang Mach-Es in the Lead


When it comes to allowing the American people to pave their way across the USA, Ford knows how to do it best. And what happens to be the best way? In this case, Ford is doing the world right by allowing for a hands-free approach, literally, to be taken for autonomous driving. Let me explain. Ford has just announced BlueCruise. This is a hands-free highway navigational software that while bearing similarities to Tesla, could very well be better. The latest system in Ford’s EV take over is likely to be an optional, but suggestible over-the-air software update.

In recent findings, the Ford Mustang Mach-E had already come with the Ford Co-Pilot360. But with this hands-free update, the automaker is taking autonomy to the next level. They have made comparisons to Tesla Autopilot, “but with the advantage of offering a true hands-free driving experience while in Hands-Free Mode.” This is to say that BlueCruise is an SAE Level 2 driver-assist technology that won’t require the driver’s hands to stay in contact. Lest, the vehicle alerts the driver to do so. Besides other approaches, one other competitor being General Motors and their Super Cruise, BlueCruise allows the driver to be communicated with in a myriad of manners. For instance, there is text and blue lighting cues. The latter, being highly effective with those cursed with color blindness.

Ford has BlueCruise doing a copy-cat of Tesla Autopilot. In specific, with lane centering as well as adaptive cruise control. Ford does give off a hands-free driving experience “on prequalified sections of divided highways called Hands-Free Blue Zones.” BlueCruise allows there to be a driver-facing camera in order to monitor attention upon the roads ahead, in order to keep driving hands-free.

You can expect to see this hands-free software be a part of Mustang Mach-E and Ford F150 models later on through the year and over-the-air updates. So long as it is not electric, the fight still is not over.

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