Aluminum Racecar Is Going Into The Hot Wheels Legends Finals

In case you live under a rock, there is a new vehicle entirely inspired by a 1963 Harvey Aluminum Special Indy racer that is currently trying to win a championship. This vehicle has come straight out of a garage to join 9 other finalists in what is known as the Hot Wheels Legends tour. By the way, the vehicle is named Lulu and was handmade by a retired engineer. His whole idea is very unique. When the tour ends November, whoever happens to be the winner then will get their vehicle turned into a Hot Wheels toy. Can you imagine buying the new vehicle? When you see the 2021 Hot Wheels Legends Tour, you see that one of the finalists, Lulu, is a low and radiant vehicle that can have the opportunity of being shrunk down into 1:64 of a Hot Wheels die-cast toy.

The vehicle is loosely becoming an homage.

One of which is to that same 1963 classic which was able to set 35 national and eight intertional speeds in it’s time. The owner spent seven months building the beast. It took in general about 1,500 hours and beyond $35,000 US Dollars just to meet the comprehensive means of competing against the best of the best. There in the car has been variously exciting 275 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. Increasingly so, the gang was able to up it towards 325 horsepower within the 1,530 lb. Lulu. Did I mention there’s a six-speed manual gearbox installed? Lulu cannot be visually avoided. This is in thanks to the aluminum exterior that maintains integrity with the very rules of the road. Be as cool as you know you are.

Apparently, that’s not all that’s up the engineer’s sleeve. A new one called the Lu2 is utilizing the BMW K1600B MC. And if that’s not crazy enough, wait until you hear that it only weighs about 850 pounds.

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