Kia Soul Has No More Manual Transmission But Comes With New Logo

Kia Soul

The Kia Soul is decidedly changing the tune of their outward branding. As well as their inward drivetrain. The vehicle now comes with a brand new logo while not quite being available with anything but automatic transmission at the moment. Whyever Kia would choose to do this is far beyond my understanding. The Kia Soul still has a lot of familiarity, however, to offer. Such as being the most inexpensive Soul from 2022 thus far. The LX base model is standard with six-speed while holding on to a price of $18,765. And yet the 2022 Soul LX is now just a CVT automatic at a price of $20,635.

Kia Soul Knows How To Hold Your Heart

There’s the logo, the standard equipment, and a large touchscreen. You wonder if Heaven exists on Earth, and it turns out that it does.

Granted, there’s a version of the 2022 Soul that comes with a 201-horsepower turbocharge 1.6-liter inline four with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

Other features that come in the vehicle vary from the climate-control, wireless charging pack, more than one USB port and features that were only at one point exclusive on the EX and Turbo trims.

These other vehicles being the S, X-Line and the GT-Line as well. They all come with a 10.3-inch touchscreen.

No one can deny how striking this vehicle can be in the wide open. The Kia Soul is something else. There’s a 2022 Soul out there for you, most likely. You just have to discover if you’re right for it. The game is all about the same taking in the Kia Soul as a distinguished vehicle that is meant for kings, queens and all in betweens.

Don’t you get it? The vehicle is an absolute masterpiece. So when you use it, use it wisely. Don’t just go places. Go on races! And if you do choose to pull the trigger on this excellent new vehicle, ship it home with our door-to-door service!

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