NASA Gives Local Air & Space Museum A Rare Aircraft For Fun!

NASA certainly is one of those super generous companies, in that they’ve decidedly given the Air & Space Museum an aircraft that has gone through retirement as recently as last week.

According to NASA, the S-3B Viking left the Glenn Research Center, where technicians would utilize the aircraft as a flight research vessel for beyond sixteen years.

After touching down from the airwaves, the S-3B Viking landed in Gillespie Field, not far from El Cajon. The designers of the craft, Lockheed Martin, made the S-3B for the Navy at first. It would go through countless trials as an anti-submarine warfare aircraft before being passed along like a baton in 2009.

Enter NASA.

The space company actually was able to use it even earlier than the Navy. They changed it up in 2006 for flight research significance. This is with the goal of conducting flight communications research. Virtually all of the weapons have been replaced with civilian avionics as well as GPS systems and satellite communication technologies.

According to a press release by NASA, “One of its major contributions was helping NASA’s aeronautical innovators define communications standards that the Federal Aviation Administration can apply to the unmanned aircraft systems for safe operation in U.S. airspace.”

Thanks to the patronage of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the aircraft will join other relics in the Air & Space Museum in order to educate future generations of visitors for ages to come.

NASA is certainly going out of their way to make the world of tomorrow peaceful today! As evidenced by the rare aircraft becoming a public display as of recent.

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