Ghost Guns, or Non-serialized Firearms, To Be Busted By The City Council

ghost guns

If you know anything about how our country has been wrong in the past couple of decades? Then you know it’s been largely thanks to firearms. Them and the lack of responsibility our country’s people has taken with them. For instance, in town, about 20% of weapons taken, while police folk investigated crimes, were ghost guns. Now, these are firearms that are illegally unseen with any serial number.

That’s the definition ghost guns hold and the city council has had far enough of it.

To decrease gun violence would be useful because gang-relative crime has been way too prominent. All within the first six months of 2021. Furthermore, there has been an increase of upwards 129% in gang shootings. Since the beginning of this year, when contrasted to the January 1st of before.

The Police Department Chief, David Nisleit, had an announcement to make a month ago. That a task force has been assembled to track down these ghost guns for the authorities to confiscate. And as he made it known at a news conference, it’s integral to the safety of the local denizens.

“That’s why you’re seeing this gun-violence-reduction plan. That’s why you’re also seeing the implementation of this new ghost gun team to really try to drive down our ghost gun violence.”

Without the serial numbers, it becomes more difficult to trace these parts of a gun. So says the City Councilmember Marni Von Wilpert: “As a result, any person with cash in hand, whether a gun trafficker, a domestic abuser or sadly, someone contemplating suicide, can purchase the components to easily build a non-serialized firearm at home.”

You almost wonder if this type of thing is even a real threat or a distraction. I certaibly hope the buck stops here for ghost guns. They are too dangerous,

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