Amazon Investing $12.3 Billion Is Opening Up 4,000 Local Jobs For Locals


Recently, Amazon is doing amazing work. By choosing to invest $12.3 Billion in the area, they are creating over four thousand different positions. This is for employment for any locals who are want to find themselves in working for a solid business. As it turns out, the figures had been including the profits via the retailer’s report from yesterday.

Since 2010, the online retailer has been able to invest enough to open about 60 fulfillment centers, 50 delivery stations and about 3 tech hubs. Not to mention oh-so-many Amazon and Whole Foods stores.

It’s a rather large fulfillment center that is utilizing robo-technology under a 3 million-square-foot fulfillment center. This is going to be great for 1,500 individuals as it opens back in Otay Mesa beyond this month.

The economic development director, Christina Bibler is likely approving of this economic push. “We need strong partners like Amazon with continued commitment to support our local economy and create new pathways to thrive.” This is all in the aftermath of the pandemic that she makes this statement.

The San Diego area very much could benefit from this type of exposure from Amazon.

It will not only pay the means necessary for people and potential Amazon employees to exist, but also the training is easy to incorporate for new members of the Amazon hivemind.

Bibler continues on with her optimism by stating the apparent: “Amazon’s investment into our region can provide new beginnings for many San Diegans, and we look forward to their growing presence here.” Isn’t that a nice way of looking at the future? I believe so as well. Truth be told, Amazon is doing everything they can to make sure that the pandemic doesn’t totally ruin someone’s day. It’s all for the greater good, from what it looks like. Can we be happy about that? Yes.

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