School District Warns Kids To Avoid School When Positive For COVID-19

When you go to school, you figure that the Principal, the teachers and even the custodians are going to have basic human cleanliness handled. The truth is, that just isn’t the case anymore. When you go to school nowadays, it’s all about being worried about what germs could likely spring forth in the case that the COVID-19 affects someone positively. Furthermore, there is about one percent of the 20,000 student-strong district, with about plenty of students testing positive for coronavirus.

On top of that, there is a lot of on-site testing that kids will have to put up with at the school district.

Andy Johnsen, the superintendent of the San Marcos Unified School District, had to say, that when it comes to students, some have been “attending school with symptoms present or, in a few limited cases, students attending school with known COVID-19 positive test results.” Only a few kids have been coming in with positive tests without telling anyone. But the problem therein lies that the presence of a virus in an indoor location could cause a brand new outbreak of fear and coronavirus.

“In the vast majority of situations, we’re catching things very quickly, but with more than 19,000 students, you can have a very small handful like this. We do need the public to help us out here.”

The big issue is that the county doesn’t work well with the school district in order to report according to state policy. And each district needs to handle their own coronavirus investigations. But in doing that, no one is truly aware about how wide the problem actually is. So then there’s a real loose survey of the larger districts turning up. And as the schools are monitoring students for symptoms, sending those kids home doesn’t stop the schools from constant testing.

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