Carmine Tancredi and her Ford Cosworth Can Zoom Around Easily

Carmine Tancredi

If you know the name, you know the game. And no sport is more apparent of this than what Carmine Tancredi can do with her vehicle. She has a strong means of driving with her credibility as the Italian hillclimb champion in the E1 class. Yet, it’s all thanks to how strong the 2-liter Ford Cosworth YB turbo engine is. It also creates about a 600 horsepower along with a wide powerband. Of course the Cosworth allows for all-wheel-drive to be enabled. In addition to that there’s a race weight of about 2,425 pounds.

The Ford Cosworth has always been a strong vehicle for the purposes that it’s great at illustrating. Of course, it happens to be a vintage alternative to the Toyota GR Yaris. However this is a means of doing away with the unnecessariness. The turbo of the vehicle hasn’t stopped the Escort,

Wouldn’t you want to be able to trust what the Cosworth can do in a can-do attitude? It’s very memorable. And it certainly has a strength to it like no other. The Italian hillside offers a dominance in the win. For sure, there’s a combination that smashes the competition, in which case, it becomes the fastest touring car in almost all of the events that it has entered within the season.

The all-wheel-drive is the real appeal of Carmine Tancredi. She’s actually incredible. And the chances that her car is strong like that, is obviously an amazing quality.

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