COVID-19 Cases Lift the Roof on Pre-Existing Records

COVID-19 Cases Lift the Roof on Pre-Existing Records

COVID-19 cases from Friday to Monday recorded by San Diego County have pushed the county’s overall cases way over the 600,000 mark. In its most recent data, the county Health and Human Services Agency reported.

Escalating Case Numbers

On Friday, there were 10,990 cases. Then, on Saturday, there were 8,991 cases. Next on Sunday, there were 7,460 and on Monday, there were 8,013. It was a total of 35,454 new cases over the holiday weekend. This was what the county did report.

From the HHSA, the new data along with another three deaths were reporting over this same period did increase the county’s cumulative totals to 604,079 cases. This includes 4,5438 deaths since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Moreover, the county does not release information on the tests, infections, or deaths on weekends or holidays.

San Diego Hospitals Reports Increases in COVID-19 Positive Patients

Increasing by 29 people to 1,289 is the number of COVID-19 positive patients in San Diego Country hospitals. This is the most up-to-date state data. The hospitalizations spike has appeared to become less steep, experts have said. While they are still increasing.

The UC San Diego Health’s chief medical officer, Christopher Longhurst, did a post on Twitter that there are “several signs we are sliding down the Omicron slope,” with the case rates and hospitalizations which are on the decline thus comparing to a week ago.

One-hundred and 96 hospitalized patients were in intensive care. It is up to three from the prior day.

Behind only Los Angeles County, San Diego County had the second-most COVID-19 positive hospital patients in California.

Hospital-Mandated Test

Being hospitalizing for other reasons are some of those patients. In fact, they had their COVID-19 status which is discovering by hospital-mandated tests.

San Diegans, totaling 906,615, to date, have received vaccine booster shots. Also, the CDC recommends a Pfizer or Moderna booster shot next five months after the second dose. Two months after the second dose, a Johnson & Johnson booster is recommending. For everyone 12 years and older, Pfizer boosters have been approving. Only available for adults 18 years and older are Moderna and Johnson & Johnson boosters.

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