Volkswagen Creates An Electric Vehicle with 250 Miles Of Range


As if Volkswagen didn’t already have enough of an emphasis on electric vehicles, they need to be coming out with yet another stockpile of news?! This company can be too much, for a brand that promotes sustainability, really. One should say that the automaker is trying to go for the gold with a production version of such a vehicle to cost just about underneath twenty-thousand euros.

And yet, they are looking to have the range total out to 250 miles. Is it supposed to look good? Are we supposed to like it? What do we do then? Volkswagen is proposing everything from a conceptual standpoint, but still, the VW folks are thinking of the ID. LIFE will be out about around 2025. This is such a stretch that it must be true from the German automaker. The Volkswagen ID. LIFE is truly looking to be affordable with an amazing vehicle with a decent range. The Volkswagen brand, shamelessly, is really imitating the Tesla models in itself.

So What Is The Volkswagen ID. LIFE anyway?

It’s quite a car with enough horizontal division in between the glass surfaces and body that it lends to how Volkswagen has always been operating. Why, it’s even an individualized roof, removably fit with air chamber textile material. This would therefore reduce the weight of the ID. LIFE.

It’s an electric vehicle with electric motors powering the front wheels. The ID. LIFE is able to power the Volkswagen modular electric drive matrix much like other variants of the MEB. This vehicle is designed with a 172-kilowatt electric motor, that can accelerate from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in only 6.9 seconds. Meanwhile, the high-voltage battery can enable a range of only 400 kilometers, according to the WLTP.

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