Windy Conditions Endanger Local Citizens With Strong Gusts

You will have to be careful if you ever have lawn furniture out on the lawn. This is definitely because of how windy conditions can endanger your home. Especially this week. There’s a real danger that there can be a specific threat to denizens of the County. Such news comes from the National Weather Service. In which case, it’s said that a low pressure system is inbound from the Pacific Northwest. It deepens through to the marine layer at around 3,500 feet. In such a circumstance, this can whip winds up and about out of nowhere.

These Wind Conditions Are No Lofty Matter.

The weather is going to hit the beach side in a breezy matter by later this afternoon. In which case the biggest waves of wind will occur from 10 pm to early Tuesday morning.

Such winds can hit the coast all around Interstate 8, in a rough divide between the SD and Imperial counties. There’s even a stark possibility of dust clouds emerging.

It’s a known fact that high winds could very well be in effect in desert areas from 4 pm Monday to 5 am on Tuesday.

Today, the daytime highs will spread from mid to upper 60s as far as the temperature is concerned. Tomorrow? Expect the high to go from 1 to 62 degrees. In this age, the seasonal average hits at about 68.

Wind aside, there’s no likelihood that the storm could possibly create too much rain.

Inland valleys are likely to see a little rain as well. The conditions are likely to linger on in Tuesday with temperatures getting forecast to 5-15 degrees lower. High-wind advisory is likely to rise to a high-wind warning. Windy and cloudy conditions will create a cold-start to the week of San Diego County, with various parts of the county facing the rain.

As of the writing right now, it’s looking to average between 12 miles per hour and 24 miles per hour, though the specific speed and direction is 9.2 miles per hour at a south west direction.

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