County Fair Returns For The First Time Since Corona Virus Pandemic

County Fair

If I’ve wrote it once, chances are, I wrote it a thousand times before. But the COVID-19 pandemic was one catastrophic global event for the books. Not only did millions die and seeing family and friends became virtually impossible, but there was also no way to enjoy outdoor activities. And while things were a little less extreme in 2021, 2022 is the year to really celebrate. Because this year, life finally feels like it’s back in full swing. By the time next week rolls around, it will be totally cool to enjoy the outdoors in preparation for the San Diego County Fair! That’s right! You read me! The San Diego County Fair returns!

It’s coming back specifically to the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

In the year before, the fair had to be scaled down a lot. Just for safety precautions. People were still unsure about vaccines and the very trick of it was that masks were entirely essential so close to COVID-19 still existing. But now that the two-year hiatus is over, there will be plenty to enjoy. This is the hope of Jackie Eshelby, the Director of Agriculture and Education in San Diego. “It was a multi-day event that celebrated the community and kind of reopening, but it wasn’t anywhere near the San Diego County Fair.”

You’ll have all sorts of excitement to look forward to this year. From the rides and interactive attractions, to the newest additions, such as a dairy exhibit! Wonder what that entails?

Eshelby knows! “ At the end of each milking, you can purchase ice-cold milk, and I can tell you from Homegrown Fun, the chocolate milk cannot be beat!”

Other such tasty foods include the Australian battered potatoes, served with classic ranch, cheese sauce, bacon and chipotle.

Tickets for the event range from $12 to $20! Not a bad price. (It’s free if you’re a child interested in attending.)

The fair has a very fitting theme. Before the pandemic wreaked havoc on the county fairs of America, “Heroes Reunite” was the ideal theme for 2020’s event.

Well now it’s even more perfect. Eshelby seconds this. “We are all heroes at the end of the day. What we’ve all been through this past year and having to pivot at home, with your children and the classroom.”

If you are indeed fixing up to go to the San Diego County Fair next week at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, you must purchase your tickets and admission online at the following website:

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