Abortion Law Overturn Flips Everyone into a Frenzy

It’s such a pity to see that there is a lack of constitutional protection of abortion in the USA. It’s no longer. On the day of June 24th, the United States Supreme Court has torn down the legendary Roe v. Wade ruling. This happened within the 5-4 split at the end of fifty years of actualized abortion access for American women. Such a ruling was totally anticipated since May. It had been anticipated way before the conservative justices have shifted the court. The fight over abortion rights continues and it’s really quite the problem when returning to the states. This being where it had played out five decades ago. Abortion is certainly a passionate topic to talk about.

California has been progressing towards combating the legal protections for abortion providers while also pouring all resources towards clinics. All while patients had to come in from other states in order to terminate their pregnancies. Jodi Hicks, the CEO of Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California. “I want to be crystal clear: abortion remains legal here in California and we are working to ensure that people — regardless of where they come from — can access abortion services with as much support and as few barriers as possible.”

Planned Parenthood leads the front against anti-abortion.

Miss Hicks continues to state her support for all the parents and people in town. “California is here for you. We will not turn people away, and we will find a way to support you so that you can get the care you need.”

Plenty of candidates have shown their overwhelming support for abortion rights. Planned Parenthood has many of difficult pitfalls facing ahead in defense of. Abortion rights have been needed to be protected for the 2022 midterm elections. This is all after many years of public polls displaying a majority of abortion turned legal in nearly all cases. It certainly is a danger to anyone who wanted to exercise their rights to take control of their own body. Gladly, Governor Gavin Newsom believes in a West Coast “commitment to reproductive freedom.”

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