Chevy Blazer Charges on with the Electric Superstar SS


The Chevrolet brand is full of mysteries. It has been a full-size truck, a small sports utility vehicle and a mid-size Trailblazer. Now, it’s changed up to a totally different aesthetic, thanks to the age of electric vehicles changing the Blazer to an EV. With that specific model, there’s plenty to love, as it drives in on the Ultium platform. Complete with front-wheel drive, all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive. The SS performance trim can create about 557 horsepower and nearly 648 pound-feet of torque. All allowing for 60 miles per hour to be reached under only four seconds. Chevy is thinking with all these stats that the Blazer EV will travel between 247 and 320 miles on only one single charge. The prices will begin at nearly $44,995, while the SS model of Superstar qualities will ring up a price of $65,995.

The Chevy Blazer EV pushes the envelope for Electric Vehicles!

Chevy is driven to repurpose the Blazer EV in anticipation of the all-new electric SUV, arriving for the 2024 model year. The Chevy 2024 Blazer EV will come right in with four different trims. Each being just as good as the last, if not better. The four trims are the 1LT, 2LT, RS and the SS. All with a varied amount of powertrain choices. The 1LT, 2LT and the RS possess the front-wheel-drive models as standard trims. Certainly, the 1LT can go about the 247 miles on charge. The All-wheel-drive can be optional with the 2LT and RS. The 2LT maximizes until 293 miles of range, considering battery size. The RS can be available in a rear-wheel-drive configuration, with the right battery and drivetrain, the RS will travel towards 320 miles.

The Blazer EV holds still on the General Motors Ultium platform while allowing for three different battery sizes to offer. The Chevy has not brought themselves any closer to revealing the size of the battery packs. Chevy states how the car will allow for a max charge of about 190 kilowatts, all while specifically plugged into a DC fast-charger. This adds about 78 miles of range in 10 minutes.

What’s the price range looking like on Chevy’s next Electric Top Model?

The Blazer EV is expected to be Chevy’s fourth electric model when it arrives in showrooms next year. The brand currently sells the Bolt EV and Bolt EUV with GM’s older battery technology. Limited sales of the electric Silverado are scheduled to start next spring. The automaker is also expected to unveil an electric Equinox that GM has said will start around $30,000.

Starting pricing for the traditional 2022 Blazer with an internal combustion engine ranges from about $35,000 to $43,000.

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