Open and Enclosed Shipping: The Key Differences

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The first step, once you’ve chosen to ship your car, is to choose how to do so. There are two main types of car shipping: open and enclosed. Knowing the major differences between these two types of car shipping is key. There are pros and cons to each one, and they fit certain situations better than others. So here are the key differences between open and enclosed car transport.

Open shipping saves you time and money.

There’s a reason why open car transport is such a popular service. Open car carriers have a high capacity. They can carry as many as nine cars at a time! Because of this, open carriers are the efficient choice for car shipping companies. With that many cars on the back of a single carrier, your shipper can keep their costs down. Therefore, they can pass those savings on to you!

And, because of their efficiency for transport companies, there are simply a lot more open carriers on the market. This makes it much easier for a broker to find a driver capable of handling their load within a few days. So whether you’re short on time or on cash, open transport is the way to go.

Enclosed shipping keeps your car safe from the open air.

While open shipping is a great option for many situations, it’s not right for every situation. Open carriers leave cars exposed to the elements, which can be a problem for someone who needs their car to be in perfect condition.

For these people, enclosed shipping is the way to go. Enclosed shipping guarantees the safety of your car during the whole shipping process. After all, how can your car sustain any damage when it’s secured tightly inside a big metal box? The only thing that can damage your car while it’s in one of our enclosed carriers is a huge accident, which our drivers do everything they can to prevent. Don’t worry; even if some act of God happens while your car is in our care, our extensive car carrier insurance will cover your vehicle completely.

Once you’ve picked the right transport service for your car, call San Diego Auto Shipping to set up your shipment!

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