Ram 2500 of 2023 Rips Up The Turf Easily With Diesel Power


Ram has long operated their Power Wagon as the frontrunner for it’s off-roading prowess. You can’t go wrong with 26 inches full of front-wheel articulation and a front sway bar that is able to electronically disconnect.

But nowadays if you really want to see dirt kicked beautifully, it’s recommended that you get your hands on the 2023 Ram 2500 Heavy Duty Rebel.

The first update you might notice is how Ram can use the Power Wagon template and improve upon it. For instance: no disconnecting sway bar. All while sacrificing Front-Wheel Travel for a favor of a furthermore strict setup. While the Power Wagon uses locking differentials for every end. There’s a lockable rear axle on the Rebel as well.

Ram’s Rebel uses a payload rating of 3140 pounds with the capacity of towing a granite-crushing 16,870 pounds while not nearly more than twice the payload of the softer Power Wagon, with beyond three tons of additional tow capacity.

The Rebel is equipped with rear air springs to hold extreme loads on the level.

With a wide enough angle to carry along eight Polaris RZRs with seven upon a trailer and an additional one in the bed, you know the Ram Rebel is doing something right.

The RZR can be tossed in the back of a toy hauler trailer while having the conveniences of home. Additionally, the camper couldn’t do well on the trails so it’s recommended you get this truck for off-roading purposes.

Huge strength can only be barely part of the equation. Using trailer reverse guidance, you can rely on a surround-view camera setup and a cargo-view camera setup to navigate around the forest while handling precious payloads. This is all associated with the Tow Tech Group ($1995).

This comes with a camera that is attached to the 55-foot-long cord. all while resolving the mystery of what the horsepower produces throughout the journey. Everything can be viewed on the digital rearview mirror, with an option of three images displayed all at once. There’s even a choice involved with a 12-inch digital instrument cluster with a tile view to show all five key stats. The layout is able to save to driver profiles while switching between towing and powertrain temps. Ram has beyond 200 tile configurations that are possible.

Under the hood, the all-too-familiar 6.4-liter Hemi V-8 engine produces about 410 horsepower and 429 pound-feet of torque. It’s tied to an eight-speed transmission with a power transfer to the rear or four wheels via a two-speed transfer case.

The Rebel has been the initial heavy duty off-road truck with an optional diesel engine. But that can be pretty loud, right? Wrong. One thing to love about the Ram Rebel is that it offers noise-canceling software to distance clatter in the cabin to the least amount. However, you can tell that at 70 miles per hour, there’s plenty of smoother ambiance you can hear better when off-roading versus on clean pavement.

Rebel has a huge amount of low-end torque with elastic and consistent ascent, while the Hemi of it can generate 4.71 gearing with more throttle finesse.

Manual shifting could be helpful but it’s not offered on the Rebel.

Dealerships will be selling the 2023 Ram 2500 Heavy Duty Rebel at about $68,940, with diesel adding a premium of $9595.

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