GM Develops Ultium-Based EV Sedan To Replace Chevy Malibu

General Motors

General Motors, better known as GM, is going to phase out the Chevy Malibu with a brand-new EV sedan. The vehicle in specific is very strong and is able to totally fill in the hole of what the Malibu has long held. What may be news that this car in specific will be. The Investor Day presentation in China, that Chevy has been developing on a “low-roof” electric vehicle that can feature various sedan-like proportions, all according to General motors Authority.

The new electric sedan has been entering the early stages of development. The design is quite scary as the Electric vehicles can in their own way occupy the same mid-size segment as the new Malibu. This replacement has itself been confirmed in China, where sedans remain in high-demand. It’s not yet seen however, if Chevy would offer this Electric Vehicle in the United States.

Chevy calls the new electric sedan concept the FNR-XE. Such a design offers a preview of Electric Vehicle reference, while the concept itself is based on the Ultium battery platform. The shape holds plenty of similarities to the Honda e:N2 concept that can be revealed for China in November, while Honda and GM already collaborate on electric crossovers. Such as the Chevy Blazer EV and the Honda Prologue. The full potential of the new replacement of the Chevy Malibu shows how there will be a debut for the Chinese market towards the end of 2024. Being that U.S. sales, won’t begin until around 2025.

Yet, regardless of how many customers would argue that SUVs are way more popular, Malibu itself still shows representation of sales for Chevy.

During a huge decline in 2021, there had been about 102,651 units sold in 2020. And now there had only been afterwards in 2021 39,376 units. Therefore, showing how Malibu rebounded in 2022, finally, with 80,000 units sold all through the third quarter.

In which case, there continues to be a market for sedans in America, where an electric Malibu will still let Chevrolet bring models, while the company makes a move away from gas-powered vehicles. It’s all quite the evolution for Chevrolet. One could almost suppose that GM is developing technology with the Ultium platform as a quicker result than Internal Combustion Engine products. But many understand that there’s room for body-style variants, like other sedans. Include a wider range and you can tell that GM will dominate the market soon enough.

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