What is Heavy Hauling in Auto Transport?

heavy hauling

When it comes to shipping vehicles, our team knows what goes into every single shipment. That includes heavy hauling, which is a bit different from usual shipments. In fact, most car shippers avoid them entirely! They think these shipments are too challenging and simply not worth the effort to make them happen.

Not us at San Diego Auto Shipping. We rise to the occasion to meet any challenge you may have for us. Even if you have an oversized vehicle, we can handle it with ease. Here’s how we take care of heavy hauls:

First, we get the right equipment.

Equipment is very important when it comes to heavy hauls. We have to make sure that our trucks have the hauling capacity, of course, but we also need to make sure we have the right trailer. Heavy hauls are overdimensional in some way, and the way they’re overdimensional matters. Is the vehicle too tall to fit under an overpass bridge? Is it too long to travel by normal means? These questions inform the type of trailer that our team uses.

Then, we get heavy hauling permits.

Heavy hauls require permits to be properly hauled. This is due to the disruptions that heavy hauling can cause to the normal flow of traffic. On top of that, heavy hauls can cause more wear and tear on the road. At San Diego Auto Shipping, we know how to get every kind of oversize or overweight permit out there. You just leave it to us, and we’ll take care of all of the paperwork that your oversize haul needs. We’ll determine the proper route, contact the proper authorities, and haul your vehicle with ease.

It’s that simple!

Our team doesn’t mess around with our heavy hauls. We know that you need your extra-large vehicle as soon as you can get it. So we’ll use our expertise in heavy hauling to make sure you get your vehicle as soon as possible. Want to quit waiting around for your vehicle to get to its destination? Contact our incredible heavy haul team today!

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